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Saturday, 12 December 2015

When Evil Calls Your Name by John Nicholl

When Evil Calls Your Name (Dr David Galbraith, #2)When Evil Calls Your Name by John Nicholl
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Whilst I have been currently reading John Nicholl's book 2 of the series Dr David Galbraith, I have been asked by plenty who are reading it "what do I think so far?"
Several have said "Its not what I expected and I am a little bored by it"

I have actually finished this read. And yes, both statements were the same as myself.

This is written as a memoir. But as you read it more and more it makes sense why the author chose to write it this way. The story could only be told by Cynthia no one else had insight to her life. Remember from book 1, David Galbraith even stopped her seeing or speaking to her parents. Gradually she had no one, no one but him to rely on.

There are no other persons that could tell her unique insight to living with such a man.

What I found:
Yes Cynthia 'waffles' sometimes and goes off track when writing her memoirs.

But why is she being asked to write her life down?
Because a prison officer can see she needs to come to terms with her trauma and her living with Dr David Galbraith. The things she found out about him. The life he made her live and how he treated her.

Oh...this part is boring.

It seems that way, it seems disjointed, confusing, it seems its going nowhere.Rest assured it certainly is.

When you get to around 70% you see how and why the author wrote this the way he did.

You come to realize by Cynthia writing her memoirs and the chats she has with her Counselor she is getting mentally stronger.

Yes she incorporates her life with her cell mates [which changed]
so we get a little of what is going on in her life "right now" and how that is affecting her.

You get a visit from her Mother and her children, we see how that isn't easy on her and her anguish of it all.

You get to learn of how she met Steven, the one who died in book 1. More insight to that in this book as it goes on.

You learn of Dr David Galbraith's manipulation quietly going on in the background, how it worsens and what Cynthia's life was like with him, yes, including their sex life.

It pieces together.

Its well worth sticking with.

Many times I have read books that I thought....oh....this isn't going nowhere, the by sticking with it I find it turns out to be a fabulous read more times than not.
Sometimes not....
But in this one, I urge you to stay by it.

Its not like book 1
In many ways its below the par of book 1
In ways it surpasses book one because its so cleverly written.

John Nicholl's is a clever writer. His books are not for the fainthearted, but they are for those that like being thoughtful. Wondering where the author is going with it. Sometimes it takes time to grasp. It took me time.

Written as a memoir was the only way to go with this. Poor Cynthia was the only one who could unravel this twist for us. Many readers wondered how she didn't know what was going on from book 1.
How could she be so dumb, how could she be so stupid.
Why did she get with him.
How did she get with him.
What was their sex life like seeing his liked little boys.
Was she always so subservient
Did she always do what she was told.
How could she just take her husbands word for everything and ....
why didn't she go down to that cellar!!!! I would....anyone would, curiosity would have overcome you right? so why not....why didn't she???

The answers are all here.

The conclusion is fab.

Yes I felt like you
where is this going...
its a bit distorted...
nothing is happening...
Cynthia is shallow
This is nothing like I expected....

Wait and see

I am pleased to say I got my early copy from the author because I nag him to death, so to shut me up he let me read it...

Seriously, I believe in this author, and if he writes a book I do not like in the future, I will still give my honest review.
I was prepared at first to think "Oh dear" but now I have reached the conclusion and put the pieces and reasons together I am WOW. Yes, as another review said. HE DID IT AGAIN

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