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Friday, 20 November 2015

A Blossom of Bright Light by Suzanne Chazin

A Blossom of Bright Light (Jimmy Vega Mystery, #2)A Blossom of Bright Light by Suzanne Chazin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a case of do not be mislead by the cover
Personally, I do not like the cover, however, I can look beyond this and read the blurb that took my attention, that being so, its definitely not a case of "do not judge a book by its cover", this is well worth reading.

We have a death of a child. A full grown infant found in the woods.

We have immigrants and violence, we have abuse of women and some really terrible political power pulling.
This is a story that will 'get you' it will 'keep you reading until the end' and if you have to lay your book down, to sleep, to do will be thinking of it.
Wanting to get back to it.

Jimmy Vega is the man investigating the death of the infact, but we now have a teenage body, because there is a connection to his own daughter he cannot handle the case. That doesn't stop him using his senses of inquiry, he wants and needs to protect his own daughter.

Its a strong up to date topical book. I can see this one being read at a book club for discussion as there are lots in this.

Strong plot. Good characters and a solid story.

*My thanks to Kensington Books via Net Galley for my copy*

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