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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Saving Sophie by Ronald H. Balson

Saving SophieSaving Sophie by Ronald H. Balson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

** My thanks go to the author and to St. Martin's Press via Net Galley for my copy**

Once We Were Brothers is the first in the crime series, however, they can be read as stand alone.

Liam and Catherine are the Investigation team that were on the "job" in the previous book, its just different cases, so its fine to read as a stand alone.

We have here a Father whose child is kidnapped. Not only that, he is being accused of the crime. He is also being accused of embezzlement among other things.

What happened to the Mom of his child? She died early on in the book and we get to see how he has custody of his child and how the Grandparent also get visiting rights.

The thing is, the Grandparents didn't used to be interested before his wife died.

It moves along quite nicely and the plot is tight and interesting. You feel for the guy and also for the kidnapped daughter. However, I did feel the Mom took a back seat too early, but it had to be the case I guess so that the author could move the story at a faster pace and into the next area of this story.

I guessed where the daughter was. Its not hard. You don't really need a degree to gather who kidnapped her. That being said, it still doesn't minus anything from the story. Its still a good read.

What lengths would you go to for your child if she was kidnapped. What lengths would you go to so that you could keep them safe. No different from this chap.

Oh yes, did I mention a murder.........
Yep that is in it too which made it intriguing.

I liked this story, a lot. Just some things that lacked a bit of backbone, but all in all, I would recommend this to those that like a bit of murder, mystery, on the run, kidnap, religious beliefs and a bit of political anarchy thrown in.

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