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Sunday, 4 October 2015

PRE ORDER ...mark to read Nowhere Girl by Ruth Dugdall

Nowhere GirlNowhere Girl by Ruth Dugdall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I saw that one of my book buddies was reading this the same time as myself, so we agreed to read it together.

Ruth Dugdall only came to my attention after reading Humber boy B which just blew me away. So when her PA asked me if I would like a proof copy of her coming new book Nowhere Girl, I jumped at the chance. I saw it was on Net Galley too and was sent a widget. So I decided to read it on my trusty Kindle.

This starts with a trip to the fairground. Not just any fairground, its the Schueberfouer Luxembourg’s annual event. Its something everyone looks forward to.

Ellie's mother is a close friend to alcohol. And she had been drinking on this occasion too when at the fair with her two daughters.

Ellie goes missing, but we don't panic at first as we hear that she has gone missing before when staying over at her boyfriends without her parents knowledge.
Ellie was told to 'dump' her boyfriend and her Iphone was taken from her.
To a teenager, this would be like taking their life blood away from them, they are connected to their Iphone.

But Ellie has gone missing .....again. At the fair.
We are seeing different characters around the fair so we are not sure who is connected and who is not to whom.

We just aren't sure who is tangled up in the plot.

We meet Cate too, she has moved here with her boyfriend. Cate used to be a Probation Officer. Good at her job, but for reasons and personal reasons she has moved with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend Olivier is a Detective and we see how he becomes enmeshed in all of this as the story unfolds.

We meet Amina and Jodie also connected.
Just how they are connected, you will see.

There are some dodgy things going on here seemingly to be hidden behind a beauty salon to get your nails done or get a tan. Very mysterious.

This author really does a fantastic job as pulling the reader right into the web.

Ellie's father is of high standing so.......has she been kidnapped for a ransom?
Her Mother is distraught with worry.
Her little sister just wanted Ellie to take her on a fairground ride.

Cate gets involved with the case in more ways than one.

I loved how each chapter was allotted to a character and told what was happening for each of them.
Well laid out. I could follow it with ease.

I just don't know where this author gets her stories from but after Humber boy B I bought other of her books, now that I have read this one too, I am just so awaiting each book she write. I don't think this author could write fast enough for me and without ***Legend Press *** I may not have come upon her. Or at least it may have taken me some time

So my thanks go to the author [who I am in contact with] and her PA, plus Legend Press and Net Galley for my advanced copy which I will treasure for a life time.

This is truly a top rate read.

Did you read Humber boy B?
Well, this is awesome too.

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