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Friday, 9 October 2015

Fighting for Survival by Mel Sherratt

Fighting for Survival (The Estate, #3)Fighting for Survival by Mel Sherratt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another fabulous book from the Estate Series.

I just love this series.
Have you seen these "real life" documentaries lately on the TV? Like Benefit street and such? If you are in the UK then I am sure you have heard of it if not watched it.

There are the lower poor, the middle poor and the 'upper' poor. Like on a lot of Estates there are ups and downs and arguments, things going on in the street, things going on behind closed doors. I felt like I was chatting to someone over the garden fence whilst reading this and getting the "gossip".

Every Estate has an Housing Officer that 'sorts stuff out' and we see this in the previous books as well. Or least, they try to.

As with all Estates, you get all kinds of people living all different walks of life and this is told through the this series. We meet Caren who has returned [reluctantly] back on the Estate she so dearly wanted to leave far far behind. Only to come face to face with Gina Bradley. The nasty pasty!

And as human nature has it on these Estates, there is always the ones that think they rule the roost and Gina and her family are IT

We see a battle going on here, not with fists, oh no, with a ploy to get someone's husband and its now PAY BACK TIME

Mel Sherratt knows just how to make this kind of life real. If anyone has lived on this kind of territory in their life, this is so true to it. As near.

When younger, and married with my first child, I lived on an Estate and I tell you, the goings on there were just unbelievable. I was twitching my curtains 24/7 wondering who was going to come out fighting next in the street.

Thank God I don't live in such an area now I am older. So relating to this series was easy for me, its real.
Its human and I know plenty who live in places where they just don't know what on earth is going 'down' next.

Brilliant read.

Now I am jumping into her next book. BOOK 4
Written In the Scars which will be out soon.

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