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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Beyond the Sea by Melissa Bailey

Beyond the SeaBeyond the Sea by Melissa Bailey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a beautiful story, its well written and easy on the eye as well as not too deep.

We get to meet Freya. She is devastated, her husband and son are lost at sea. She doesn't know how to cope or how to move on.

She feels that returning to the Lighthouse cottage they used to stay in will help her, so that is where she goes to stay.
Her memories are poignant and emotional.

This author really can write clear emotions, grief as it comes to you from the written word.

Freya's mind has 'flashbacks' which we are readers are given privvy to her feelings, her thoughts and her emotions.

There are letters involved in this too which seem to enhance the story and Freya.

I was shocked by the mythology as I wasn't expecting that, it was so well done and just added an entire different dimension to what I was reading.

A stranger gets washed up on the shore, this leads to an entire different route which was leading me down somewhere that I was wondering "What on earth is going to happen now"

She also has in her possession her son's diary. How that made her feel......well, you will need to read this to find out.

Its full of emotion, raw with grief and a dip into the past where the letters are concerned.

This was a book that stayed with me yesterday until today and will stay with me in the future.
Melissa Bailey writes a very heart felt story that will entice any reader into its web.

I was totally lost within its pages.

** I thank the author and Random House UK, Cornerstone via Net Galley for my copy **

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