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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Taking on Water by David Rawding

Taking on WaterTaking on Water by David Rawding
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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I hadn't heard anything about this book or author until I agreed to read it for Red Adept Publishing, and agreed to be on the tour.

Having read what the book was about it seemed I had a good chance of settling down and enjoying it.

I need to say though, its on a slow burner for me at the start and didn't start picking up and get my full attention until half way into the book.

I am not much into boats, fishermen and lobster catching, but I have to say, I did learn a lot along the way, so I guess that was a bonus.

When this book took off for me I really threw through the pages as it was then starting to get very very interesting.

James is married to Maya. James is a Social worker who used to be 'hands on' working for the abuse children protection side of things, now he is on the telephones and works mostly in the office. We learn about James past as we read along which was surprisingly heart rending due to him going back in his mind and we see how the author actually showed us readers the experience he had when young.
I really felt for James.

Maya works as a Detective for the Police force. She is strong, hard and needs to be all what she needs to be when working among her peers. Only James gets to see her "soft" side.

James gets to meet a lad named Kevin. He notices he has bruises in places and is concerned about him. But when he gets to meet Kevin's father and mother, his suspicions change as they seem a lovely couple so James relaxes. As time goes on the two couples bond and spend time together.

Maya has a big job going down, she is on the case of a drug related crime.

This story goes to an unexpected turn of events that really enthrall you. You then get to grasp all the characters involved.

The author David Rawding has really pulled some great characters out of the bag, so believable and as for the fishing? Well, let me say that I even got used to that and the lobster catching. Learnt a lot about the sea Police and the nets.

Secrets. Secrets and lies. Doe they really stayed buried? And if they did, should they? And if they didn't, do you wish they had!

I loved reading this despite the slow start and take off for me.

So my thanks to the author and Red Adept Publishing, LLC plus Net Galley for my copy.

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  1. Sue I'm reading this novel now and I'm REALLY enjoying it. Great review!