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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Ivy's Envy by Latashia Figueroa

Ivy's Envy (Want & Decay Trilogy,#1)Ivy's Envy by Latashia Figueroa
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My thanks go to the author for the supply of this book for me to read and review and also his Publicist

After reading the blurb, I was looking forward to getting 'stuck in' to read this.
I thought to myself, this won't take long to read as its only a short novel.
Well yes it is a short book, but WOW it has so much body to it that I felt I had just read a full 300 page novel. Its full of 'punches, blows and OMG moments'.

I can't believe this is a new author in the making they write so well that you would think they were established in their field for many years.

This story had my attention right from the start.

IVY and her envy really does deliver a punch.

One thing I have established so far is, I do not want to meet Ivy. I'll read about her in a book [safely] but I do not want to shake her hand! That is for sure.
How can she think those thoughts and do what she did.

I loved how the statement of her Grandmother came back to haunt in through the pages.
The Grandmother's words certainly came back and bit her on the butt.

The ending? In one statement of abbreviation sums up my thoughts of the ending OMG

Many times we readers say "I didn't see that coming", well, I am going to reiterate that and say.....neither did I.

Would I recommend this book to you?
If you like love, envy, suspense, biting your nails, not being interrupted when you are reading and the shock factor then yes, I definitely recommend this book to you.

Latashia Figueroa’s riveting Want & Decay Trilogy follows the entangled lives of three people tormented by lust, jealousy, madness and murder. In this first book, Ivy’s Envy, Ivy James has had a history of violence with the men she falls for. Her grandmother and parents know what Ivy is capable of when things don’t go her way. 

Now Ivy has become obsessed with Thomas Miles, a man who works at her office. She is certain that Thomas loves her too. But there are people who stand in the way of Ivy and Thomas finally being together, like his wife, Deana. Determined to have the love that is their destiny, Ivy will go down a very dark and twisted road to make Thomas hers, and hers alone. But Ivy is not the only one who has dark secrets, and everyone involved will soon learn that pursuing love and passion to the extreme can lead to terrifying consequences.

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