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Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Other Side of Town by Eleanor Smythe

The Other Side of TownThe Other Side of Town by Eleanor Smythe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a lot of my book friends now, I try to help out authors and join Tour Hosts now and again to support them and advertise their books via my Promotions blog and other media avenues I belong to.

And, now and again, but very rarely because my TBR list is quite long.....
I get tempted by a book.

I am going to be honest, I didn't much like the cover, but I did like the sound of the blurb. So I took a chance on it.

There is only one review up that I can see on Good reads so I had nothing much to compare it with and weigh up if I would be able to keep to my postings of between 3-5 stars.

I am so very glad I that I can fall back on my 4 years of reviewing for books and chose wisely.

Now....why did I say this? Its because I do like to keep to a genre I am comfortable with and not have to mark authors books down if I can help it.

I had no problem with this one.


I thought it started out rather slow at first. Lots of family things and surrounding bits that you gradually piece together to make an entire piece.

I think the most part that intrigued me was the part about Emma, the daughter who was killed. She was killed by a hit and run driver, BMW.

To imagine what this mother, this family went through is so sad, and I tried to put myself in their place. Would I rest not knowing who had done this? Could I rest not knowing who did this.
They do not live in a huge town, they live in a small populated town, so how hard, how difficult could it be to not be able to trace who did it. How many BMW'S are out there in that town. Who is hiding something?

My thoughts

There is a lot more to this book than I want to tell you because its so very well written. So well put together. Its not "up there" edge of your seat "fantastic" but its a pretty good well woven story that I had no trouble at all keeping with. No trouble at all wanting to keep reading at every chance I could get throughout my day.

My personal downfall

1. It needs to be looked at for Mobi/ebook format as its too spaced out. We have dropped paragraphs which are not compact.

The author uses oOo for spacing between chapters, except on several occasions they are at the end of a sentence or paragraph which is a little annoying.
Its only a small adjustment in spacing that needs to be done, width etc and it will be a great compacted book with "proper" laid out pages as if you are reading from a physical book.

I mention this as it may be picked up by others and will affect sales. So its meant in a kind way.

2. Personally, I am not that keen on the cover. However, that is only MY opinion and may not be held by others.

My complete verdict is, that personally I enjoyed the read, I think if this is her first book?? she has done exceptionally well. I am not a judge and jury on anything, just based on what I like, what I read, how many books I read per year and what I come against with other Indie/self published authors, so based on that.

Those are my thoughts. :)

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