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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Darryl's Reunion by John B. Wren

Darryl's ReunionDarryl's Reunion by John B. Wren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can't fault this read at all. The author did such a fabulous job with this. Although you get to know early on who did what to whom, and you know how the event happened, its cleverly done.

Darryl was in his first year of high school. You always get bullies, but these guys went beyond your normal sort of known bullying tactics.

Darryl ended up dead.

This happened almost twenty years ago. We have moved on now. What we have is a cold case where there are no more leads, nowhere to go with this to solve it. Other things were "assumed" and it was laid to one side.

We get a new Detective arrive in the area. Detective Ian McLarry.

Nothing much happens in this part of the town, its quite quiet, so seeing that he's heard of the past case, he decides to open it up and re work on it. After all, stories can change over a time right? People age, people forget, others may not be on the scene now and free to speak. Who knows.

Watching Detective Ian McLarry reopen this case and different things that come to light is staggering.

The bit that kept me turning pages also was the "patient" who was he/she?

They are in this book many times, visiting the doctor. I'm thinking.....who is it. Ah it may be one of those lads years ago who killed that Darryl.

There is another reunion coming up soon and everyone is gearing towards this. Detective Ian McLarry gets invited there. He can have time to talk to people too one by one.

The investigation was enthralling. I could just hear the Detective in my ear asking question after question to different ones at different times.

I can't rave about this book enough as it certainly kept me entertained for a few hours.

Highly recommended.

Darryl's Reunion is the story of a young boy, killed in his first year of high school. His murder goes unsolved for nineteen years. The interest of the town's newest detective is drawn because it is an unsolved murder and peaked when he finds out the victim's intended graduating class from the local high school is holding it's fifteenth year reunion. Detective Ian McLarry meets with the reunion committee and begins asking questions. "We know who did it," claim the committee members, "We just can't prove it."
As detective McLarry begins his investigation, one of the committee members begins their own plan to find justice.

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