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Monday, 22 June 2015

Marital Blissaster by Brooklyn Taylor

Marital BlissasterMarital Blissaster by Brooklyn Taylor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When this author Brooklyn Taylor approached me to ask if I would like to read her latest book, I agreed I would as I have read previous ones. I knew her style of writing and knew I would be in with a very good chance of liking it.

I wasn't wrong.

Marital Blissaster is a story of a married couple. Its about Callie the wife who has everything, everything she has ever wanted in a husband, family, married to the man that she loved and even more, then manshe couldn't live without out.

Then there is Madison. She thought she had everything, but she found herself longing for more. She was empty, she didn't have what her heart desired. And one day, she thought enough is enough, I want to be happy

Madison's life and Callie's collide.

My thoughts

I loved the concept of this story.

We are never happy are we, we always think the grass is greener on the other side. We forget when we marry our chosen partner who we fell in love with that the first umf of passion will not always remain, it will get more solid, that the gooey eyed soppiness we had will be replaced with a row on "who left the top of the toothpaste off". But marriage is building a solid foundation that weather's the storms. Facing the storms head on.

We have one womandiscontented and looking to replace what she feels isn't fulfilling her wants and needs both physically and emotionally.

Then we have the otherwoman who will fight, stick up and demand her happiness.

I LOVED this read, I think its superbly written and well thought out.

If you love a good romance butwith the depth of a very good read, then you couldn't go wrong with reading this one.

Callie Hartley has everything she has ever asked for. She married the one man she knew she couldn’t live without after losing him once and vowing to never let him go again. Her life is exactly what she had hoped for.

Madison Reid pretended she had everything but inside she was a lost soul. She had an unhappy marriage and spent her days resenting her life. She was lonely and underappreciated. She strived for a life of happiness and to make her forget what she passed up years ago, her dreams.

One woman will fight for her marriage that starts to crumble before her eyes while the other throws it away carelessly.

A friendship between them that they thought would last a life time is changed forever by decisions that can’t be reversed.
Opportunities enter their lives and they have to determine if the risks are worth the rewards. Can doubt or guilt eat a person alive?

How far would you go to save your marriage?

If you had never truly been loved would you risk it all when you thought you could?

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