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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Fenced Hearts by Zoie Jenkins

Fenced HeartsFenced Hearts by Zoie Jenkins
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I got around to reading this book about a month ago, but I have been sat on the review.

Its a very well written book, the author has done a good job with her writing and we can see she has tried very hard. But sometimes it dipped so much and was lagging so hard that I kept putting it down and going onto something else.

I'm not sure what is missing, its just 'something'. The sparkle isn't there.

The sex scenes have more action that the book in itself.

I find reviews easy to write when I have enjoyed a book so much, but I always hesitate when I find a book lacking or for me personally it just didn't work out.

Maybe its because there are soooooo many books out like this an author needs to stand out in a crowd. A unique story, something tragic maybe?

I'm afraid I am not a mills and boon fan so sometimes if I come across similar it reminds me of those.

Boy meets girl, they fall in love, things go wrong but everything works out fine in the end.

NOW LISTEN whoever is reading this [including the author] this is JUST MY thoughts, and my HONEST thoughts and I give no other. Just how I felt and honestly.

Would I read another by this author? sure, because we all can grow.

Moving from Florida to Rhode Island, Wren Adams was determined to start a new life without the shadows from her past. Zack Gallo, a notorious Boston playboy whose lifestyle no longer suited him, decided Rhode Island was the place to start fresh. It was close enough to his tight knit family, but far enough to have the space he needed to make the changes in himself without the influence of his past. When the two end up forced into living together, life changes in many ways for them. Neither Wren nor Zack were looking for romance.Wren never allowed herself to get close enough to a man to fall in love. Love always led to pain. Zack had always wanted to be free to do as he pleased, with whom he pleased, when he pleased. No strings. But life doesn't always work out the way we plan... 
Dr. Claire MacKenna is an independent, successful woman. Who would have ever thought she'd be on the run? When her longtime boyfriend becomes possessive and abusive, Claire finds herself in need of a safe haven. She finds that in Rhode Island with her lifelong best friend, Wren. But will it be far enough away to keep her safe? Fenced Hearts is a suspenseful, erotic romance, peppered with humor and local flavor. It is the first book in a series written by Zoie Jenkins

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