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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Piano Man Project by Kat French

The Piano Man ProjectThe Piano Man Project by Kat French
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh I just adored this light fluffy read today, it was nice to sit down and not have to deeply think about anything and just enjoy this read. Nice glass of lemonade, sit back, chill out and read.

Everyone has an idea in their head of the kind of person they feel they are wanting to fall in love with. Tall, dark and distinguished.

Blonde with baby blue eyes and a tattoo..... well....some do!

I love the character [and the summery name] Honeysuckle. She was a sweet girl, she thought she knew her mind according to what kind of man she wanted.....
as life doesn't always go to plan and she found this out.

Her neighbor Hal, he's moody, oh very moody, anti social, nothing like that kind of man she goes for or WANTS in her life so why is she soooooooo attracted to him.

The electricity between them sends sparks...
but he is nuetral and she is a positive, does that mean they will live happy together?
Hmmm is doesn't look like it.

But then she learns why he is so dam moody and decided to give him ONE LAST CHANCE.....

Brilliantly written, lovely light chic lit read.

I would like to thank HarperCollins UK, Avon for my copy via Net Galley.

Finding love isn’t always black and white…
You: kind, piano-playing sex god
Me: hopelessly romantic charity shop manager
Honeysuckle Jones has a problem, and her best friends Nell and Tash are on a mission to help her solve it. She needs a man – a caring, intelligent, funny man. But most importantly, a man who’s good with his hands…
Luckily Honey’s new neighbour – moody, antisocial ex-chef Hal – fails on almost every count. Even though the chemistry between them is electric, he’s obviously wrong for her in every way.
But when Honey discovers the devastating reason for his moods she decides to give him another chance. And discovers that the best songs aren’t always in tune…
A hilarious, feel-good, sexy romantic comedy for fans of Lucy Diamond, Paige Toon and Giovanna Fletcher.

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