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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Humber Boy B by Ruth Dugdall

Humber Boy BHumber Boy B by Ruth Dugdall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an outstanding, authentic, realistic, compulsive book this was!

When I first requested to read this from Legend Press via Net Galley, I just wasn't prepared for the emotional, thought provoking ride this would take me on. What a journey.

Imagine a young child of 10 years old being convicted of murder. Pushing another child over the bridge and falling to their death.
Would this be an accident? Premeditated? Is this child full of 'Evil'

Uproar surrounds this tragic event with domino effects on a lot of different peoples lives.

One man sitting fishing with his young daughter underneath the Humber bridge who happens to be a teacher.
His daughter who happens to know the boys.
One of the boys being Noah, the child of her Fathers ex girlfriend who he still loves.

The two brothers who are friends of Noah's there on the bridge with him at the time.

And lastly but not least, the Mother of the child who fell to his death.

The younger of the brothers was taken to prison.

He is known by the media as Humber Boy B.

Its time for his release, he is now 18 years old.
What does he know, how well adjusted is he for the outside world now that he is a teenager?

Cate has been assigned as his probation officer. She has sympathy for him as he was ONLY 10 when this tragic event took place.

Now out of prison and free, he has to be protected, so he is set up in a totally different part of town to where he came from. He has to have nothing to do with his past. His name is now BEN. That's the name he needs to by.

This is not a straight forward story. It has many underlining issues in its pages, many shocks, many surprises and many adjustments you need to make as the story progresses.

I was like "What?"
"Hey, that's not right"

Then we learn how a Facebook page was set up by the parents of the murdered child. HE is released, THEY have no release from their pain. They want to know WHY.

I was so enthralled by this book, its easily UP THERE among my top books so far this year. I see that this author has another book out soon so I am going to get it! Oh yes, because this has had to have one of my TIGHT FISTED 5 full mark stars!!

I loved Cate. She was having problems herself, lots of issues in her life which we learn about along the way.

This book is PACKED with wonderfulness.

It made me think, it made me ponder on things, it made me wonder about the media, it made me wonder about the times when I have read stories of children committing crimes.

The ending of this book left my jaw dropping to the floor, it really did. As I closed my kindle, I had to reflect on the ending.
I am satisfied with the ending, I can see why what happened.......happened.

My hat goes off to this author for am AMAZING read.

Thank you.

Should you read it?
DO NOT HESITATE click that button!

A child is killed after falling from the Humber Bridge. Despite fleeing the scene, two young brothers are found guilty and sent to prison. Upon their release they are granted one privilege only, their anonymity.
Probation officer Cate Austin is responsible for Humber Boy B’s reintegration into society. But the general public’s anger is steadily growing, and those around her are wondering if the
secret of his identity is one he actually deserves to keep. Cate’s loyalty is challenged when she begins to discover the truth of the crime. She must ask herself if a child is capable of premeditated murder. Or is there a greater evil at play?

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