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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Candy from a Stranger by Daryl Buckner

Candy from a StrangerCandy from a Stranger by Daryl Buckner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When I first settled down to begin reading this book, I think I was expecting different to what it was, no, definitely I was expecting different, but what I got was a read that had me curious.

This book is told from a Father's point of view.

His child went missing, and you know, after so much time the Police still look but its not as vast and full on as it would be in days/weeks following a missing child.
So this Father starts searching for his child.

Another child goes missing, and THIS Father is watching the proceedings.

I remember sitting and feeling this bit, when the author writes how the investigators and diggers find something of the child....
and THIS Father who is looking on......
he knows
He's been through it.

He says in his mind "they will find a sock, a shoe, a piece of clothing, a toy"
And they did...
Then he sees the OTHER Father of the missing boy approach the police and drop to his knees.

THIS Father relates to him, he knows EXACTLY how he feels.

At first I took a while to start to enjoy the book, the way it was written is not something I am used to, but once I got the hang of the way this author was writing and narrating the story it became clear to me that there was more to this than what meets the eye. So I stuck with it until the end.

I am GLAD I stuck with it as the ending was with a twist in its tail.

I don't think its everyone's kind of read, some might find it a struggle to stay focused at times, but its well worth it if you can.

Let me thank the author for my copy and to Silvermine International Books LLC and Sparkling Books Limited as well

Child abduction told by the father, but has he gone insane?
What would you do if your child went missing and the police were ineffective? Exactly. You would start investigations yourself.
When eight-year-old Lucas Cain is snatched, his father, Ben, dedicates his life to finding out what happened to his only child. His desperation leads to his life being torn to shreds: his marriage in tatters, his job lost and even his mind is altered. They all believe Ben has gone insane. Has he? Self-fulfilling prophecy kicks in as Ben starts to believe he may well have had a role in the disappearance. The police close in on him just as he is about to uncover the complex mystery

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