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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Behind a Closed Door by Mel Sherratt

Behind a Closed Door (The Estate, #2)Behind a Closed Door by Mel Sherratt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really felt like a nosy neighbor reading this book at times, getting into peoples personal lives, and lets face it, aren't we all a little nosy?

I really enjoyed this account in book 2, we get to meet a few more characters from the Mitchell Estate.

Josie is the Housing Officer, we see and hear a lot about her. Very kind, very patient, but does her job.

The Mitchell Estate is a down and out place to live, lots were reliant on benefits from the state, and LOTS knew how to scam too, dodgy dealings, crime.

Some dirty unkempt residence that were treated with respect from Josie.

I loved the comment when she arrived at someones door, the person was [well let me say...] a bit dirty, and then it was said "that the trousers could walk away on their own". Loved it.

I feel Josie goes way beyond her job description as the Housing Officer at times.
She got to know many of the tenants.
She had to deal with unkempt gardens, refuse, waste, anti social behavior, help with benefits. Even an escaping dog!!!

Josie has problems in her private life of her own. Her marriage wasn't all it was cracked up to be. She worked long and hard hours, many times getting in late. Her husband Stewart hardly pulling his finger out to do anything. We later see some decisions being made.

This story also focuses on a 20 something girl with a young daughter of her own. She did live in the 'better' part, but through no fault of her own she finds herself on the Mitchell Estate. Right smack bang in the middle. It was interesting to see Josie's part in her life and how the young girl changed her life around until........
her boyfriend came out of prison.

There also is another love interest other than her boyfriend, so will this make a difference to her life? Her future, her daughters future?

This is a great DOWN TO EARTH story, stories that could be you or I, stories that are out there among us. And Josie the Housing Officer, the caring person that she is trying to do the best she can.

I loved the insight the author gave to Josie's personal life, her expectations and her exacerbations.

This is not an edge of your seat tale, this is a relax enjoy, its like watching one of those documentory's on the TV like Benefit street!

I loved it.

I must thank Mel Sherratt for allowing me the pleasure of reading this. I found it fascinating and I really felt like some nosy neighbor peeking out of my window. LOL

Housing office Josie Mellor loves the community spirit of the notorious Mitchell Estate – when it doesn’t involve benefit cheats, aggression, or murder and mayhem, that is. 

But it isn’t exactly a party for some of her tenants. Kelly Winterton thinks Josie is sticking her nose in where it’s not wanted. Her partner’s just been packed off to prison and she’s left worrying how to fend for herself and her young daughter. Charlotte Hatfield has fled from her violent partner. With four children in tow, she lives in fear of him finding her again. Amy Cartwright has learning difficulties. She finds it hard enough looking out for herself and her six-month-old baby without being taken advantage of. 

In the midst of it all, Josie has secrets of her own. Trapped in a loveless marriage, she struggles to escape her controlling husband and, as her home life deteriorates, she realises only a thin line separates her from the people she’s trying to help. Can Josie save herself and return the estate to relative normality when a spate of burglaries causes havoc and deadly violence erupts? Or will both she and her tenants become victims of violence that no one will see? 

This is the second book in The Estate Series, which begins with SOMEWHERE TO HIDE but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.

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