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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tapped by Stacey Grice

Tapped (Totaled, #2)Tapped by Stacey Grice
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Stacey Grice got in touch with me and told me her follow up book from Totaled was finished and would I like to read it.....would I like to read it! Would I!!! Too right I would.

It was lovely to catch up with Bree and Drew. There was so much devastation in they're relationship I was wondering where the author may go with this.

I thought she did a very good job with book 2. I read this in one sitting yesterday as I wanted to know, would this all end happy or not.

So many times things work out, but I had a feeling this just might not. But was I wrong? YOU will have to see.

The beginning of the book was startling, OMG, what an opening to a book......that is all I have to stay.

Bree? Her heart was heavy and sad.
Drew? He was equally so, but could he overcome what was ailing him.

Yet again YOU will have to read and find this out.

*Thank you Stacey Grice for contacting me completely out of the blue and remembering how much I loved your first book, enough to connect with me and ask me to read your follow up, its very much appreciated*

Unexpectedly thrust into a whirlwind romance, Bree thought her relationship with Drew could withstand any obstacle thrown their way. Excited for the future, everything she thought she knew came crashing down in one horrible night. Forced to re-evaluate her feelings, Bree is left alone with a heavy heart and the realization that Drew's nightmare changed everything. 

The effects of his trauma once again surfacing, Drew had no idea how volatile his actions were until it was too late. He must work to rebuild trust with everyone around him, all while participating in vigorous therapy and being separated from Bree. When a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity presents itself with impeccably poor timing, Drew has some tough decisions ahead.

Can he heal the wounds his past has created and quiet the demons that haunt him? Can he repair the damage done with his love or will he give up?

Discover if it’s all too much and Drew ends up...


Author’s Note: Tapped is a continuation of Totaled, the first book in the Totaled series. It is highly suggested to read these books in sequential order. Due to mature content, profane language, and sexual situations, this book is recommended for ages 18 and up

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