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Monday, 6 April 2015

Signs of a Quiet Heart by Teri McGill

Signs of a Quiet Heart (My Heart is Yours, #1)Signs of a Quiet Heart by Teri McGill
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am so glad I get involved in blog tours and promotions at times. Now and again I see a book that takes my interest and this one was such a book. Although this has ASL sign language connections, and I learnt BSL sign language some are very similar.
So I was intrigued with the characters that would be portrayed in this novel as I began to read. I was somehow disappointed to find that the main characters were NOT deaf and it was more focused on the 2 surrounding the story line.

The setting is in a school for special needs. Here we meet little Daisy. And we meet Toby who assists in the class, he himself has hearing problems and he uses ASL to speak to Daisy. She gets to rely on him a lot, Toby is a very lovely guy!! The school setting made a lovely change for a book, I don't think I've read one set around a special needs school before.

Robbi is the Teacher and she teaches K-1 along with her helpers Mia and Toby. Robbi is passionate about her charges and Daisy does have a special place in this book AND in the class.

The blossoming romance between Robbi and Tyler was GREAT it was lovely to see we are never to old to fall in love. Is based around a couple in their 40's. They have both had their share of heartbreak, and Tyler wasn't into commitment, he saw this as weakness. BUT meeting Robbi has changed all of that.

This has some ups and downs in this story that you experience on a grand scale. One minute you can laugh, then the next your laughing tears go into sad tears. Its an evocative read.

TYLER is the typical biker, long hair, tattoo's, hes HOT more than HOT and Robbi falls.

The author, Teri McGill has done a wonderful job here, I really enjoyed it.


There is a cliffhanger

When Robbi Bennett, special education teacher extraordinaire, decided to move from New York to California, it was for reasons beyond trading snowstorms for sunshine and surfing. Following the tragic death of her parents, and several doomed relationships, she craved a fresh start; an opportunity to reinvent herself. 
Tyler D’Angelo, bad-boy biker and self-proclaimed man-whore, equates love with weakness. For decades, he has kept his heart on lockdown, but meeting Robbi turns his solitary life inside out as they are inexplicably drawn to each other. Can love be strong enough to overcome a lifetime of fear? 

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