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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Legacy by Stephanie Fournet

LegacyLegacy by Stephanie Fournet
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Now and again when I choose to read one of the books from the blog tours I help host for and end up enjoying it, its not often I choose one I can't relate to.

Corinne Granger is a painter, and since loosing Michael she is unable to concentrate on painting, let alone interested in it at all.

Michael was her lover, her best friend, her world.

Michael had taught her to believe in love.

She is so wrapped up in grief, will she ever believe in love again, would she ever want to.

Corrine, pre Michael days was a fiery, self opinionated, talented 'go getter' and her hot tempers were well known.

Michael accepted this about her, he loved her for it and despite it.

Wes Clarkson is a friend/or was a friend of Michaels, he is also a personal trainer.

He hides and buries his grief at the gym, if he works out hard enough, he doesn't have to think, if he burns calories hard enough, he doesn't have to feel.

Corrine and Wes are opposite's but connected in grief of Michael they both loved and adored.

Something happens where they both have to share living quarters, and this of course brings them in close proximity. Every single day.

My thoughts:

Its predictable what will happen at the end really, or part way through at least. But even saying that, I did enjoy the way the author told the story. It has an easy flow to it hence an easy read.

I've had to give it 4 stars from me simply because, I can't fault it at all as a romance book. Its not outstanding, but its on equal par with a lot of romance writers I have read.

I received my copy from the author via a blog tour in exchange for my honest unbiased review

Corinne Granger doesn't want to get out of bed. Or paint. Or talk about her feelings. Losing Michael, the man who taught her to believe in love, has left the 25-year-old portrait artist trapped in grief, a stranger to herself. Before Michael’s death, she was a force to be reckoned with. Intelligent. Talented. Terrifying. And Michael adored it all—even her hot temper and her sharp tongue. When you lose the only person who “gets” you, the world becomes a lonely place.

Wes Clarkson can numb the pain of missing his best friend if he pushes his body hard enough. A personal trainer and Ironman triathlete, Wes can forget his grief at the gym—or between the legs of one of his clients. And this works for him as long as he doesn't think about the promise he made to Michael on his deathbed—to look after Corinne. But who could handle such a woman?!?

The only thing Corinne and Wes had in common before Michael died…was Michael. But when the two find themselves living under the same roof, everything changes.

Is there hope for the man who’s never been in love and for the woman who’s afraid to love again?

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