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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Just Try by Lisa S. Robinson

Just TryJust Try by Lisa S. Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love that I get involved in helping with Blog tours and promotions of authors work, and now and again I tend to weaken and choose a book that stands out to me. I help with the promotions but select books from them to review and THIS is just one that stood out. It stood out because it appealed to me. The cover is the first thing you see. Its the " appetizer" for me.

Here was have a thoughful woman, what is behind her sitting there reflecting? I needed to learn this.

Secondly it was reading the blurb.

Marci. Bringing her daughter into the world in one room and the father of her child dying in the next room.
The poignant scene that plays out at the start of this book will have you in tears. BUT I tell you this, don't put them tissues away because the ending you will need them again!!!

For five long years after the death of the man she adored, the man she loved so much, the only thing that keeps her going and the only thing she cares about is her daughter.

I admired Marci, she kept in touch regular with her late husbands parents, his Mother was an interfering woman and came across as she was the only one that knew what was best for her granddaughter, one day, this comes to a head. But she does have support, she has support from her late husbands brother.
She also meets Calvin.


The actual novel I read within hours, in one sitting, its not the kind of book I could just walk away from and leave until another day, I had to stay with this.

I equally read the authors notes at the beginning and the ones at the end.

When I read the authors words coming from herself at the beginning of the book AND at the end, you could hear her "voice" as she writes the actual novel. She comes across as a very warm generous loving person. I know that sounds silly, but it really made an impact on me apart from the storyline.
I don't know why I mentioned that!!!! But I felt I had to.

Its a very emotively charged read, and I for one....loved it.

Thank you for my copy and to the author for a great read.

How can one day turn out to be the best day of your life, but also the worst?
Maci can answer this question, she is a changed woman because of it.
It takes one day to change your whole life, your world, your meaning.
For five years she’s been existing for one person, and that person isn’t herself.
Until one day, someone enters her life.
He changes everything that Maci thought she wanted, deserved and needed. 
Calvin made her want to enjoy life.
This story is about the deepest of love, the ugliest of pain and the courage to want more.
Sometimes you have to- Just Try.

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