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Friday, 24 April 2015

Close To the Broken Hearted by Michael Hiebert

Close To the Broken HeartedClose To the Broken Hearted by Michael Hiebert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was so good!

This is a story set around Alabama. There is only one Detective in this small little town.

Sylvie's little brother was shot to death when she was only a little child herself, the culprit was Preacher Eli.

Eli has served his time. He is due to be released.

Sylvie is obsessed that things are happening or 'going' to happen and Leah the Detective tries to curb Sylvie's fears.

Secrets that you keep.....
This is a thing that is happening here....

Not EVERYONE is settled that Eli has done 'his time'
Not everyone is at peace
Least of all

Sylvie has gut feelings that life may be in danger again.......

This is the first book I have read by Michael Hiebert and happened upon it on Net Galley, I was granted this to read and review by Kensington Books who I would like to thank.

This is a very welcome thriller.

In this riveting new novel from Michael Hiebert, a killer's release is the catalyst for shocking revelations in a small Southern town. . .

At twenty-two, Sylvie Carson has known a lifetime's worth of trouble. When she was a child, her baby brother was shot to death by a man named Preacher Eli. Orphaned by her teens, Sylvie is now raising her own baby with no partner in sight. For all these reasons, Leah Teal, Alvin, Alabama's only detective, tries to stay patient when Sylvie calls the station day and night, always with some new false alarm. But now Preacher Eli is out of prison and moving back to town. 

As far as the law is concerned, the old man has paid his dues--though Leah's twelve-year-old son, Abe, vehemently disagrees. Between that and his relentless curiosity about the daddy he hardly knew, Abe's imagination is running in all directions lately. While Leah struggles with how much of the past to reveal to Abe, she's also concerned about Sylvie's mounting panic. Something in her gut tells her the girl might be a target after all. For as Leah knows well, there's danger not just in the secrets others keep from us, but in the lies that corrupt from within. It's a hunch that will be tested soon enough, as tensions mount on both sides. 

Evoking the South with depth and grace, Michael Hiebert's poignant, gripping novel captures the strength wrought by heartache and lost innocence--and the transformative power of forgiveness, whenever it comes. .

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