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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What Jennifer Saw by Hal Schweig

What Jennifer SawWhat Jennifer Saw by Hal Schweig
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My thanks goes to via Net Galley for my copy to read and review

We have the title What Jennifer Saw, apt title because its all based around what Jennifer actually DID see. She saw her Father killed in the most horrible disgusting nature. This has left Jennifer traumatized, so much so, that she needs help. At first her Mother doesn't accept that she needs assistance at all, eventhough she is waking with terrible nightmares and shouting out in the night.

It has to be faced, Jennifer needs Psychiatric help to overcome and rationalize [if there is such a thing as rationalizing a killing] to move on with her young life.

Her Father Jim Harris was known by everyone has a family man, lovely wife, four children, a good solid man of the community. But what is festering beneath all this? Why did someone want him dead?
A maverick psychiatrist, Dr. Timothy Adle is brought in to help Jennifer. Although his ways are new ways, will they work or send Jennifer over the edge and eventually fatal?

He discovers though that Jennifer has an illness of her own.

My Thoughts

As this book opens its pages pick up quite fast and you stay with it well. I feel the author has done a good job on the story line, and although some reviewers are not 100% happy with some of the reading agility, I would tend to agree with them on some. I think the book lost its pace now and again. Not enough to not stick with it though, I also feel [for me anyway] that the story was well thought out and presented well. I certainly didn't get lost or veered off track towards how the author wanted the reader to respond.

All in all, I liked this book. If I could have 'felt' the pace more, [for example] turning my pages fast and not wanting to put it down, this would have merited a 5 star. I am quite reserved with my 5 stars and don't give them away freely unless the book really moved me and/or stands out on its own among the zillion books that are being written at the moment.

**This review is my own opinion. Reviews are just that....a persons opinion and I give my reviews to help readers get a balance of the book by reading ALL reviews that others choose to make too. I also write review for feedback to the author. Never with malice and always with good intent**

Jim Harris, a wealthy businessman and philanthropist, and his wife, Mary Beth, along with their four beautiful children, are beloved as the "Jack and Jackie" of Monroeville, Missouri, a small town which considers itself "The Camelot of the Midwest." The murder of Jim Harris in time reveals the moral decay festering beneath this family's golden surface. Following the murder of her husband, Mary Beth Harris has metamorphosed suspiciously from a mousy hausfrau doting on her family to a newly energized vamp hurrying to a secret rendezvous with a mysterious lover. Her 24-year-old son later discovers a letter from her paramour, written shortly before his father's murder, and begins to agonize over the unthinkable. Self-absorbed, Mary Beth fails to recognize the desperate plight of her 15-year-old daughter, the ethereal Jennifer, who witnessed her father's murder, but is suffering post traumatic stress syndrome and cannot recall it. A brilliant but maverick psychiatrist, Dr. Timothy Adler, wrestling demons of his own, is brought in to treat her and discovers she is also in the grip of Multiple Personality Disorder. He gambles everything on one high-risk roll of the dice to decipher her psyche, which harbors a grotesque melange of angry "personas," one of whom holds the key to the identity of the killer and also possesses shocking knowledge about the murder victim as well. Dr. Adler knows that his battle against the cunning and malevolent alter egos who wish to possess Jennifer's soul must be successful, or else she may rapidly descend into madness and even death

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