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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Ugly Young Thing by Jennifer Jaynes

Ugly Young ThingUgly Young Thing by Jennifer Jaynes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read Jennifer Jaynes first book Never Smile At Strangers. I absolutely LOVED it! When I saw she had another book out in a matter of months I was wondering if she could pull off yet another stunner, yet another twist, yet another fantastic plot with her awesome style of writing that holds your attention from beginning to end, and someone else I need to 'tell off' for keeping me AWAKE at night because I can't put the blinking book down!!!


She has done it again.

The subject matter kept me glued. I wanted to know what would happen to Allie. After being around such HORROR what would happen to her. Was the families madness part of their genetic makeup? Would she too start on that same course of road....eventually?

When she is cared for by Miss Bitty. I NEEDED to know what made her so nice, so understanding, what was her flaming secret!!!!!! What in the hell was it! I NEEDED to know...

My giddy aunt, when I finally got to the ending, I put my Kindle on my lap and said "O>>>>M>>>>>G....what a bloody fantastic read!

If love a good thriller, if you love something to get your teeth into......
YOU need to buy this.

This author cannot write books fast enough for me now....

Jennifer Jaynes if you are reading this, get pen to paper, I need another fantastic read that keeps me awake, keeps me focused and forgets the world around me! YOU did this, so I am stalking you [In a nice way :)]

Sometimes an author can get a fab book out there, and the 2nd is a bit.......??
BUT this was not, definitely NOT a disappointment, in fact, I wants more. I NEED more.

Certainly up with my top 10 for Thrillers/Psychological, this year.

My thanks go to Jennifer Jaynes for telling me when it was up on Net Galley and to Thomas & Mercer Publishers for allowing me freedom to choose this

This can be read as a stand alone book

Sixteen-year-old Allie has already experienced a lifetime of horror, having lost her mother and serial killer brother to mental illness.

Returning to her childhood home in Louisiana, Allie ends up in foster care and is placed with Miss Bitty, an eccentric but kindly older woman who shows her a new direction and brighter future.

But Allie’s new life takes a devastating turn when young women in the area start turning up dead, and she begins to see shadowy figures outside her bedroom. As Miss Bitty grows inexplicably distant, a nagging voice makes Allie wonder if death has found her yet again…or if it never really left her at all.

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