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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Missing by Jenni Boyd

MissingMissing by Jenni Boyd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I was approached by the author Jenni Boyd to see if this was a book I would be interested in reading and reviewing for her, I took a look, then looked closely on Amazon to see a bit inside the book. I agreed to read it because it seemed like something I would enjoy.

Not know of this author, I went in blind. But this is the whole fun for me as I discover new authors and now and again I get one that works for me.


I have to really seriously have a word with this author, I blame her for keeping me up late at night reading this. TWICE! I couldn't manage to read much in the day, so it took me a couple of evenings and late mornings to finish it. Its definitely [for me] and UNPUTDOWNABLE read.

Blake lives and runs a cattle station in a remote place in the center of Australia. We learn how remote, because he has his own chopper [helicopter] to reach places and we also learn how far he has to travel by not only miles but hours and fuel consumption to reach anywhere. Even when visiting his sister.

Blake has a son, his son is only young, but bringing him up on the cattle station he has learnt a lot of things early in life. 

Blake needs a housekeeper.

This is where Terry Johnson comes in, she arrives with her young son. When Blake sees someone in the airport dressed to the nines, high heels on, this couldn't be her, could it?

Yep it was.

She had so much luggage that he couldn't board it all. The weight of it was excessive for his chopper so she had to decide what to take and what to leave for another time to fetch.
Blake really didn't think that Terry would last the distance and so didn't worry about returning for her other luggage, thinking that she would see what it was about and she would hate it, turn tail and want to leave.

It didn't happen.

Terry is harboring some secrets. Her son Dale is only allowed to say certain things.

Something happens where upon she gets attacked from someone from her past. She now knows Dales life is in danger let alone her own.

I'm not saying more than this, its a fast paced book this.....
There are so many developments its so hard to choose a chapter to put it down until you want to read it next because you REALLY should be getting some sleep! I even went to bed thinking about it, only to pick the Kindle up again and read a bit more.

When you get an awesome read like this, it shows the talent out there in the Indie world that is not discovered yet.

When Terri was attacked on Blakes cattle station and left for dead but keeping Dale safe and taking all the hits, all the knocks whilst he escapes, I was right there with her.

Trouble is, that's when Dale goes missing!

What follows then is so GREAT. I really don't know how this author came up with this story, its just fab. I mean FAB!

I never got BORED not ONCE, I was entertained and kept on tenderhooks throughout the entire book. 

I really cannot praise this book enough.
The author has done a fantastic job with it, the writing is brilliant.

If I had ONE suggestion, it would be, I see the cover of the book and it has everything appertaining to the story, BUT, it needs a bit of class. 
I don't mean that in any disrespect, its just that the INSIDE of the book is GREAT, FAB and merits a better eye catching cover. 

In other words, the book inside is on level par to any best seller, its professional, but the cover lets it down as not professional [forgive me for saying that Jenni ]

Just don't judge a book by its cover.

A brilliant 4 stars plus from me, almost a 5 but for the cover, for me, its important in as much as the inside of a book. 

I have recommended this to many of my book buddies

Blake Stanley is the owner of a large cattle station in the remote centre of Australia. Struggling to run the large property while also raising his young son alone, he decides to enlist the help of a housekeeper.
From the first moment he saw Terry Johnson and her young son, he knew they would not last long in the outback and had serious doubts she had ever worked on a cattle station before. Against his better judgement he agrees to give her a chance.
While out mustering cattle he receives a desperate plea for help over the helicopter radio, but the call is cut short; it was from Terry’s young son Dale.
On arriving back at the homestead he finds Terry lying face down in a pool of blood and Dale is nowhere to be found; sparking a Nation Wide search for not only the young boy, but a mystery shooter.
As the search continues all hope of finding the boy alive begin to fade; but also disturbing facts begin to unfold about Terry.
Late one night Blake receives a strange phone call, setting him off on his own search for answers “Who is Terry Johnson and what part did the young boy play?”
He soon discovers a sinister plot; one which raises the stakes even higher, in the race to find the young boy alive!

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