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Monday, 16 March 2015

Guilt by Joan Ellis

GuiltGuilt by Joan Ellis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I give this my personal 3.05 stars. Its a very good story, full of very good characters what come to life among the pages as you read, its a short story, compacted with a lot of information.

Susan is 7 years old, she loves her Mother but her Mother has reserved all her love for her Mark, who was her son, he is dead now. Her Mother loves to drink.

When Susan was left alone with her brother Mark, he took an overdose, at a young age, she blamed herself.

Susan grows and she gives birth to her own son, things then change inside her, she needs to find out the truth.

My Thoughts

I found this a compelling read which I had to read in one sitting, thoroughly enjoying what I had read.

My thanks go to the author.

You died in April 1965, a month before your fifth birthday. You were probably dead long before Mum downed her third gin with Porky Rawlings.
Seven year old Susan is alone with her younger brother when he dies of an overdose.
The Guilt informs the rest of her life.
When it threatens to destroy not only her but her relationship with her new baby,she must revisit the past to find the truth.
What she discovers is as horrifying as it is magical.

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