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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Celestial Blue Skies by Maggie Collins

Celestial Blue SkiesCelestial Blue Skies by Maggie Collins
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Maymay is a great character in this read.

Its quite a quick read, read this in one sitting. Its family based and stems around Creole woman and family life that I tried to get into. I have no knowledge of what kind of life with sugar canes and Zydeco music music, but I learnt a little bit through reading this.

I thought the author did a good job. I enjoyed it, it was an OK read.

If you are looking for a nice easy read, this is the one.

In Belle Place, Louisiana, where the sugarcane grows a mile high to the bright blue sky, Celeste struggles with her mentally ill mother, Tut, and works with her grandmother Maymay to hold the Creole Bastille family together. Celeste has bigger dreams for her life, and is falling for the handsome and wealthy Vashan. But, when Tut runs away to live with the man she met working in the sugarcane to escape her reputation as the town whore, Maymay fears that Celeste will end up like her mother. And just as things are finally looking up for Tut, her past returns with violent, tragic results. Will Celeste end up like her mother, or will she redeem her family from the hoodoo curse that haunts them? And will she find love with someone from a culture just as exotic as her own?

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