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Monday, 23 February 2015

Twisted Innocence by Terri Blackstock

Twisted Innocence (Moonlighters Series)Twisted Innocence by Terri Blackstock
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was ace! pure ace! I started it last night and finished it this morning. I finished it whilst eating my breakfast, I just had to see what happened at the end.

I've not read the books in this series previous to this, did it matter? nope, not one bit. I will go back over them though and see as I loved this book so very much.

Holly seemed to have been a bit wayward, but since she had a one night stand with Creed Kershaw, a man that she was introduced to one night, drunk, and totally out of character, slept with him. She comes from a religious background, its not something she would uphold, and the consequences to this is, she finds herself pregnant.

She's tried hard, and succeeded in keeping the Father of her child a secret.......until...

I am deliberately leaving out some bits and I don't want to give out any spoilers other that what you read via the blurb.

Her path crosses with Creed again, under very unusual circumstances and she is forced to spend some time with the Father of her child, during this time, she sees a tender side to him when he is "fathering" and caring for their daughter.....but its HER child.

This is one awesome read, when I got passed 20% I just couldn't leave the book laying there, I had to pick it up AGAIN and continue to read just one more chapter........just one more........THE END......

All you avid readers will know where I am coming from, when you have a 'good book' in your hand you just can't put it down. Now can you!

I would like to thank the author Terri Blackstock for keeping me entertained and for Zondervan Fiction for allowing me my copy of this book for review via Net Galley

When Holly’s secrets backfire, is the mess too big to unravel?

Holly Cramer has worked hard to keep the identity of her daughter’s father a secret, shamed and embarrassed by the one-night stand. But when the police knock on her door searching for Creed Kershaw, she realizes his identity isn’t as hidden as she thought. The fact that Creed is a person of interest in a recent drug-related murder only increases her humiliation.

When Holly’s and Creed’s paths cross, Holly is unsure whether to be terrified of him or trust him. His tenderness with their daughter makes her want to believe his story that he had nothing to do with the murder. Then she discovers that Creed has a connection to Leonard Miller—who killed both her sister’s fiancĂ© and her brother-in-law, and kidnapped her nephews—and things only become more complicated.

Will Creed lead them to the man who has plagued her family, or become another of his victims?

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