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Monday, 2 February 2015

Nightingales on Call: by Donna Douglas

Nightingales on Call: (Nightingales 4)Nightingales on Call: by Donna Douglas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have read and enjoyed all this series. Although these books can be read individually as a stand alone, its lovely if you read them from book 1 onwards. It doesn't matter as the author gives enough background for you to pick up but you would equally miss out on some things. In MHO anyway.

We have seen these sisters come through thick and thin.

I can't help but admire the author for doing all her research thoroughly this has enlightened me to the past pre NHS. Imagine you on your hands and knees scrubbing the floor. I was shocked to know that rich people can pay for a room of their own for their child who is sick and then send their maid to visit them, this was awful and cruel.

It makes me realize how far we have come in society.

Well, I've swung through the highs and lows of this family story and I thoroughly enjoyed my journey.

I would like to thank Random House UK, Cornerstone via Net Galley for my copy to review. Here ends the series...........or does it.

From the author of The Nightingale Girls, The Nightingale Sisters andThe Nightingale Nurses – perfect for fans of Call the Midwife

1937 sees new challenges for the trainee nurses

Dora and her old enemy Lucy are paired up on the children’s ward for the final three months of their training. The two nurses couldn’t seem more different, but they may have more in common than they think, as each hides a secret heartache.

… and new faces at the Nightingale

Jess is the feisty eldest daughter of a notorious East End family and determined to prove herself as a ward maid.

And new trainee nurse Effie can’t wait to escape her small Irish village, and make her way as a nurse in London. But Effie’s sister Katie soon begins to worry that Effie’s behaviour is out of control.

Nightingales on call and in crisis: have they got what it takes?

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