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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Best Forgotten by L.L. Brand

Best ForgottenBest Forgotten by L.L. Brand
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this book straight from the author who I agreed to give it my honest open review to.

Let me please say that my thoughts are my own, my opinions my own, my experiences my own and my angle on this book as I read it, my own. And that no matter what I say, its MY thoughts on it and not a judgement.

I felt I had to say the above sentence because of what I am going to say.

Not one do I ever undermine anyone's life experiences, illnesses, or thoughts and feelings when they write an honest book about themselves.

I do have a lot of experience when it comes to the Mental Healthy factor and how Psychologist, Mental Health Consultants, CPNS [Community Psychiatric nurse] go about assessing someone's ill health.

I have run it past my hubby and he is OK for me to say that he suffers with Bi Polar. In the early days of his assessments and his journey through the Mental Health system was traumatic both for him and his family [we were not married when he first was diagnosed]. There are two lots of people suffering, and each in their own way from their own sides.

I am not sure of the health system care where this author lives, all I know is, that written from her own side would give somehow a distorted view of things when mentally unwell. As does my husband when he is going through a crisis. So, I had a hard time with this book when the author was actually fault finding everyone medical person she came into contact with.

To state that one of them was not only "arrogant" [bear in mind she has just 'met' him] then fault finding his stature, he was overweight, he was this he was that, became quite personal to read and for me, it showed many times in her writing that she was ill. Not that there was anything wrong with her care......

She could justify there was something wrong with her care in this book, but if you know first hand someone who is mentally ill, their perception of things can be very distorted and this only proved to me how much she needed to follow through with what they were trying to help her with. However, of course, she knew better.

I found this a hard journey to go on as I wanted to reach out to her and say "Listen, you will feel like this, you will see the wrong in your care, its because your mind is seeing things differently right now"

I would say, in MHO if anyone reads this and is ignorant of Mental Health they will see it as slights on care workers in that field of medicine.

There is one section that mentions a 'safe room' and who would put a young person in a room, sectioned off.

Sometimes this HAS to be done for the patients own safety. Just as sectioning needs to be done too, its the safety of the patient and their care that is paramount. Its not to be mean or spiteful. Its to protect them. Yes, young people too.

Patients with Mental health issues can be vulnerable too, for all sorts of reasons.

I know this doesn't seem like a favorable review of this book, but what it is, its an HONEST one of how I felt. Before people buy this book they need to know the facts that may come across in this book and it can seem to give the lovely caring people with mental health issues a bad name and its caring sector that help them through it.

With Lee's captivating and stirring autobiography you will travel the twisting pathways of mental illness and gain a glimpse into the life of a woman who has faced far more than her share of obstacles. Her touching revelations about life while living on the streets, abusive partners and time spent institutionalized show that she is not unscathed by these events, but certainly unbroken. Her struggle to overcome adversity demonstrates great courage and tenacity and reveals the hidden strength of the human spirit. 

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