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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Almost Anonymous, the Ronnie Lynn Bass Story by Christopher McAfee

Almost Anonymous, the Ronnie Lynn Bass Story by Christopher McAfee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a new author Christopher McAfee who arrived in Philomena and my group [2 friends promote your books with us] on Facebook. We try to help as much as we can to give a new author notice and a voice, mostly by reviewing, if not, then by promoting their books on our social media.

I offered to read this for him.

I will now give my honest viewpoint on the story.

This book is very well written, good editing, and the layout of the pages sit neatly on my Kindle.

This story is about Ronnie Lynn Bass. He has some major hang ups, some really major problems and makes some really bad decisions that give him terrible consequences.

Where he ended up [TOP of the Atlanta music industry] is not where he started out!

He didn't want to be a carbon copy of his Father. Someone he didn't admire or respect, but at times, he could see himself a mirror image of him.

He gets involved in drinking, drugs and then he ends up getting a girl pregnant. Back then, the encouragement was for you to marry the Mother of your child. So that is where he found himself to be. He wasn't happy.
This didn't stop him going to parties or having sex with other girls.

Its a bit of a road that he travels.

No one thinks he can make it in the music business, but then he realizes, all those people taking him down hasn't seen him preform. So he leads to rectify this.

The story is pretty well told just fine, and its easy to follow and walk in the mind of Ronnie Lynn Bass

I thought the author has done a great job in his first book.

Follow Ronnie Lynn Bass as he battles alcohol, drugs and infidelity in an unlikely path to the top of the Atlanta music industry. Married to a rich socialite, living in a southern plantation home and expecting a child. He mysteriously leaves after becoming a victim of the 1996 Olympic bombing. Find out why a young investigative reporting student tracked him down and convinced him to tell his amazing story.

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