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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A Questionable Hero by Stephen Gane

A Questionable HeroA Questionable Hero by Stephen Gane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


*Please read his Bio on GOODREADS you can see how far he has come, I admire this man*

When Stephen Gane contacted me and asked me to consider reading his book, I looked at the blurb and a bit inside of the cover on Amazon and agreed to read it. So this author kindly gifted me it.

One thing that swung it, was it was based around my community in Bristol. OK not some places I frequently visit or I dwell in, but places like Bedminster were mentioned other places that I was familiar with or knew of. I felt like I was walking through this book quite comfortably knowing where I was going.

Stephen Gane being a British author of course [like in British, not that I am an author *grins*] meant I could follow this book with some of the ghetto language [man] and slang that came out in some of the ways some of the characters spoke. It was great! One of my pet hates is when someone uses the Queens English when they are Scottish! [ack ei the noo] I feel that authors should write the dialogue of where the story is based around, and I admire that this author did this.

This is his first debut novel and I am in awe of his ability of writing. I read a lot for Indie/self published authors, ones that have just written their first book, some are OK but they need to grow, some 'don't give up the day job' kind of reads, some that think they are brilliant and no one can teach them anything from a readers POV and some that come along and you WHOOOSH you away thinking "This is your first written book? WOW" and if they are like this in the beginning, then their writing ability as a progressive author will only get better and better. This in MHO is how I felt about this author.

Its not the greatest book I have read in this genre, but its certainly more than halfway up there.

What I also saw was his care of a decent cover for his book, and his layout and formating within the pages. I see no errors and so this made it a comfortable read and enticing the reader on to read more and turn pages. I see lots of bad formating, errors, and lack of front covers, and some saying "ah well, its only an ebook" they could learn a lot from this author.

The storyline was good, I wondered what would hit me when I found out why this author named this book A questionable Hero. I soon discovered why.

Liston was a great character, father and sister's were very close and caring to him when things turned around.

The sentence when he went to his father and confessed that he had Killed someone was very touching. Because this showed me that although he was within a 'gang' he had a sense of morality.

There are more things about this story I can say to encourage you to pick this book up, but I would spoil the book for you.

I would like to thank Stephen Gane for contacting me and asking for me to read his book, knowing I am honest and open with my reviews, I bet he's wondering what I am going to write!!!

Thank you for the opportunity for allowing me to read and review your book Stephen Gane and I look forward to more from you 

He was a ruthless yardie gang-boss, so why did he save the life of a policewoman? 
Liston Pearce is a bad man, A yardie, A drug-dealing gang-boss. A split-second decision starts a series of life-changing events that he could not have foreseen even in his wildest imagination.

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