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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Broken Bonds by Karen Harper

Broken Bonds (Cold Creek Book 3)Broken Bonds by Karen Harper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love Karen Harper books and I am sure coming in at the deep of of book 3, not having read her previous books in this series, didn't help me grasp what was going on at first. The history between the sisters and all that goes with it, is something I obviously needed to read.

I would definitely say, read book 1 and 2 first.

The start of this book just hooks you in, because there is a lorry about to go over a cliff. So, this grabs your interest right away.

Charlene [one of the sisters] works as a social worker, she goes around the mountains encouraging kids to go to school, to get parents to agree to this is sometimes a problem.

Back to the lorry hanging over the cliff......well this is where Charlene gets to meet Matt. He is the driver. Was he pushed? did it mean to happen to him? did someone want his dead?
Charlene and Matt become quite close in this story.

There were times when Charlene was in danger in her cabin, so this kept you on your toes. I wasn't sure who was who and why sometimes and what eventually would happen or be revealed, but my stars come from the fact that I didn't put it down due to it kept my interest.

I need to go back to book 1 AND 2 obviously!

Let me thank Harlequin via Net Galley for allowing me to read and review this book

Haunted by the past...
Cold Creek is a place with a dark history, especially for the Lockwoods. Now adults, the three Lockwood sisters are still recovering from the events that led to the destruction of their family when they were children. Determined to move forward, Tess and Kate are making fresh starts, ready to put bad--even deadly--memories to rest and settle happily in the small but booming town. And they're hoping their older sister, Charlene, can do the same.
Char is back in town seeking comfort as she figures out her next move. A social worker used to difficult situations, she soon runs afoul of some locals who think she's sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. She's certain something sinister is being covered up, and when she witnesses Matt Rowan being run off the road, she knows she's right.
Working together, Matt and Char figure uncovering the truth will be dangerous, but living in Cold Creek won't be safe for any of them until its secrets are revealed.

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