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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Illusion by Tracy Johnson

Illusion (The Narcissism Novels)Illusion by Tracy Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was really interested to read this series from this author. I thank Tracy Johnson for allowing me to read for her and review her series.

I had never heard the work The Narcissism before, so I looked it up before reading it. Its definition is 'having an inflated ego of oneself' A 'self love' whilst putting others down around you. This is infact recognized as a Mental disorder.

Armed with this information I began to read.

I could tell that the author had done a lot of research into this 'illness' but what was interesting was the main character Isobel Hobson in this lovely book was the unknown victim. That is how I saw it.

She came from an over bearing, belittling Mother who although loved her, really did undermine her daughter. This of course lead to Isobel's low self worth [IMHO]
We learn of how she was married to someone with the same traits. He also had an alcohol addiction.

She now has a lovely son named Dylan. Of course Dylan needs contact with her father Matt. And we see all sorts of thing developing within that relationship between Father and son too.

Isobel later meets Saul. We now go to the inners of this relationship. Isobel is an Independent women, earning her own money and taking care of her son. But when she meets Saul, in a short period of time he encourages her to move abroad with him and both her and her son live with him. Although she has a little fleeting moment of doubt she goes.

We now see their relationship growing. We see how Saul is with her.

Isobel's relationship with her son Dylan is very important to her, she doesn't want the same things happening to him and experiences in life that she has.

She she is in therapy with a lovely man who explains a lot of things as she unravels slowly her thoughts, feeling and experiences.

I won't tell more of the story as it would be spoiling it, but let me say, her son is very much involved in this Narcissism web of family life.

This book really got me thinking. I wonder if we all have a little of Narcissism as at some stages in life we all feel self important, but what is acceptable and what boils over the edge onto someone else's lives. Its an interesting thought.

I love to get books that keep me interested. Although its fiction and the topic is REAL its a very compulsive read. I have finished book 2 as well, so I am off to write a review on this :)

You will love this book.

The reason why I have given it a hefty 5 stars is because its a book that makes you think long after you have finished reading it.

My hat goes off to the author for keeping my interest throughout.

Have you ever encountered the seductive genius of the emotional vampire? 
Interior designer, Isobel Hobson, has escaped an alcoholic husband and her narcissist mother has moved in with the sociopath next door. All she and her young son, Dylan, want is a complete happy family. When she meets Saul on a business trip to Manhattan and he convinces her she's found it, she moves her life across the world. But her happiness is brutally shattered and her mind starts to unravel when Saul's character abruptly turns around. She attempts to make their relationship work and secure her future, unaware that others are planning deeper psychological torture that will have life-changing consequences for everyone involved. Isobel's horror has only just begun. 
Illusion is the nightmare tale of love and motherhood - a powerful exploration of the narcissism epidemic in intimate and family relationships set against the turbulent background of terror and viruses of the early 21st Century

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