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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Tressa by Barbara T. Cerny

TressaTressa by Barbara T. Cerny
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars for me. Its well written and and oh so good book, but I can't help feeling I've read or watched something similar to this before.....that said.....

Tressa is the main character in this book. Its based around Dublin, especially at the start as this is where she works as a master baker in the family business. She has hopes and dreams of opening her own bakery some day. She loves inventing new things and is a master at what she does [which comes out even more later in the story]

Tressa doesn't have any thoughts about marriage and suitors etc, but Seamus has his beady eye on her. Under encouragement from family she courts him. He seems a lovely man, they eventually marry.

Something happens at their wedding reception as she is opening the wedding gifts that carry on into the marital home as they arrive. That is the first time you see another side to Seamus, he also rapes her.

The scenes of the rape aren't too graphic but the abuse is paramount to the essence of the story to show how what eventually happens.

Much more happens whereupon she needs to escape.

Without going and spoiling the rest of the story, she does manage to flee to America with several things happening along the way and where she ends up.

Does Seamus find her? Does she fulfill her dreams?

Its a very touching story, it also [because of the time in history this book is written in] bestows you to throw back your thoughts in time and surrounding how people lived back then.

Tressa is no doubt a heroine and saver of the day in many ways.

This is the first book I have read by Barbara T Cerny and I wouldn't be averse about reading another of hers, It was a good book, solid, well written all rounded story.

I would like to thank the author for allowing to read this book direct from her.

Escaping an abusive husband and the tragic loss of her newborn child, Tressa O'Daire leaves her home of Dublin, Ireland, for the unknown shores of New York City. There, she finds work in the powerful Langley family as a nurse-maid to a baby girl. The Langleys allow Tressa, a master baker by trade, to use their baking oven and she starts a business and a new life.

Ethan Langley, crippled in a riding accident that left him bound to a wheel chair, has spent the last eight years in his room escaping the embarrassment to his family and the hatred of his brother, Heaton. The only bright spot in his life is his sister, Sarah; until a certain Irish baker arrives and turns his life upside down.

Their very lives are threatened when the head of the Langley household dies unexpectedly leaving the business and family fortune to Heaton. As Heaton and his wife, Victoria, bring the family to the brink of ruination, Tressa and Ethan must save whatever they can, including the budding love between them.

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