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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Suffer by E.E. Borton

SufferSuffer by E.E. Borton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh my giddy aunt! I was so enthralled in this story.

We have a woman and her son Kate and Caleb. They are at the home whist her husband Paul is out on a boat trip with his 2 friends.

A caller comes to the door..............
The action then heats up.

I tell you, I was reading some of the sentences between the gaps of my fingers, some are really brutally horrid but vital to the story. The trouble with me is, I have a very vivid imagination and so I see things in my minds eye in technicolor!!! This was SO good though.

I didn't expect half of what happened in this book. I thought one thing, then the author came up with something else. I was walking down the path with this story when A BOMB BLEW UP IN MY FACE it was WOW, I was NOT expecting that to happen.

I just don't know where E E Borton got his idea for this story but man....keep them coming. I feel so tired today, I've been reading some awesome books lately that I have been unable to go to sleep without finishing and this is one of them.

You need a bit of a strong stomach in places, some of its madness, utter madness, but in a good way.

I am so glad that Amazon Publishing via Net Galley has given me free access to their books or I may have missed this one.

If you love a fantastic thriller, if you like to bite your nails, if you don't mind sleepless nights and don't mind your head being full of "what happens next" then this is the book for you. Trust me.

Kate Freeman opened the front door of her vacation villa to see a Florida State Trooper standing on the porch. A few moments later, 50,000 paralyzing volts shot through her body. Her world went dark after her head impacted the tile floor. 

She woke unable to move. Sitting only a few feet away bound to a chair, her six-year-old son sat quietly staring at her. It was just the beginning of their hellish nightmare.

150 miles away, Kate’s husband Paul was on his annual scuba trip in the Bahamas. Early the next morning, he pulled away from the dock and headed back to the villa on Sugar Loaf Key to be reunited with his family. He would be the first to find them – exactly as the killer planned.

“Suffer” is a crime thriller that shows what ordinary people are capable of doing when faced with unimaginable evil. Decisions have to be made that take them deeper into the darkness of a sociopath’s world. It’s a place they have to travel in order to hunt him down and make the punishment fit the crime.

Few expected her to survive. Nobody expected her to fight


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