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Monday, 17 November 2014

My Sister's Grave by Robert Dugoni

My Sister's GraveMy Sister's Grave by Robert Dugoni
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolutely excellent! This is a thriller at its best for me. I kept flicking the pages and ended up staying up very late [early hours of the morning and tired out the next day] to finish reading it. It so captured every single tingle in me.

For 20 years she has been wondering what has happened to her sister. For 20 years she believes the wrong person was blamed. No body to proof anything. I can't tell you too much about this story as it needs to be read by you the reader to get all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, but I tell you this in all honesty, the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle was a right shocker for me. Had me fooled.

There is a nice love interest in among this which was nice to see among all the drama. I tell you, many times I was biting my nails and sitting on the edge of my seat. This author can sure tell a story well that kept the graphic and pictures running in my minds eye, I went every step of the way with this one.

I will be seeking out more of Robert Dugoni's books if they are good as this one.

I really want to thank Amazon Publishing via Net Galley for my copy of this great fantastic thriller, without access to it I may have missed a truly amazing read

Tracy Crosswhite has spent twenty years questioning the facts surrounding her sister Sarah’s disappearance and the murder trial that followed. She doesn’t believe that Edmund House—a convicted rapist and the man condemned for Sarah’s murder—is the guilty party. Motivated by the opportunity to obtain real justice, Tracy became a homicide detective with the Seattle PD and dedicated her life to tracking down killers.
When Sarah’s remains are finally discovered near their hometown in the northern Cascade mountains of Washington State, Tracy is determined to get the answers she’s been seeking. As she searches for the real killer, she unearths dark, long-kept secrets that will forever change her relationship to her past—and open the door to deadly danger.

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