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Friday, 17 October 2014

This Little Piggy by Bea Davenport

This Little PiggyThis Little Piggy by Bea Davenport
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There isn't anything I didn't like about this book. I loved it from beginning to end. Not once did I get bored, not once did I sit and think "Oh I have to review this book". In fact, each time I had to place it down because I was needed to do others things I resented my time away from the story and couldn't wait to get back to it, it was like having a movie on pause. You hate interruptions!

This Little Piggy.

I wondered how the title was chosen and how it would play out [if at all] in the story.
I found out soon enough.

The author takes you in many directions.

I do remember the Miner's strikes when Thatcher was in power and how badly handled everything was, also, how the Police seemed totally unprepared to handle outbreaks of violence. My daughter and son were born in the 1980's and I remember the reports around about that time.

This is also about a murder of a little baby boy named Jamie.

Clare is the reporter handling the case.

We find out early on how Clare was up for promotion but was unable to attend the interview. I wondered why, but that too came to light as time went on. I did have a hunch earlier on in the book, not 100% correct how, but certainly I understood why.
That fella who got the job didn't like how popular Clare was, infact, he didn't like that Clare was an avid reporter and good at her job. We see how he tries to muscle in.

As Clare is trying to befriend and get to know certain people on the Estate where the baby died she comes in contact with a little girl named Amy. There is a lot of things going on in little Amy's life. Not good things due to her Mother [Tina] who really isn't good at parenting at all and leaves Amy to her own devices a lot of the time, well......actually MOST of the time. There are lots of things that Clare sees that really should be reported to Social Services but she is reluctant to do so and gets more involved that she should.

Clare has been through an emotional journey herself and for my take on it, she finds it hard to do the right thing and I kind of understand why.

The author portrays little Amy as a 9 year old girl, spirited, independent but also needy at times. Totally unable to manage in practical terms with a lack of a solid parent. But Amy is ballsy, she has a street like quality with a need to look after her.

Amy is able to help a lot with the inquiries of the baby murder and tells what she knows, however, because Amy is known to have a very vivid imagination as most youngsters that age have, so what is to be believed and what to dismiss is hard to ascertain. This leads the book in many directions keeping you guessing along the way.

Clare does get a love interest in amongst the pages. But that too has an unexpected twist.

I could tell you lots and lots about this story Bea Davenport has weaved for our enjoyment but I would spoil it. Even by telling you this, there is heaps left to learn.

This is one book that I will remember because although I read heaps of books as a reader and reviewer you sometimes get books that merge into one another, then like this one, you get one that stands out.

This is the first book I have read by Bea Davenport and so I have bought another book by her as I enjoyed her style of writing so much.
Thank you to Legend via Net Galley for allowing me auto selection to read and review this book

A gripping look at a community in turmoil, struggling through a miners' strike and now rocked by a child's murder

It’s the summer of 1984 and there is a sense of unease on the troubled Sweetmeadows estate. The residents are in shock after the suspicious death of a baby and tension is growing due to the ongoing miners’ strike. Journalist Clare Jackson follows the story as police botch the inquiry and struggle to contain the escalating violence. Haunted by a personal trauma she can’t face up to, Clare is shadowed by nine-year-old Amy, a bright but neglected little girl who seems to know more about the incident than she’s letting on. As the days go on and the killer is not found, Clare ignores warnings not to get too close to her stories and in doing so, puts her own life in jeopardy

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