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Saturday, 6 September 2014

When I Wasn't Watching by Michelle Kelly

When I Wasn't WatchingWhen I Wasn't Watching by Michelle Kelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a fantastic job this author did with this story. Its a real tugger at the heart strings.

We have this nightmare that every Mother dreads. You take your eye of your child for a fraction of a second and they've wandered off. But in your own back garden? She could avidly see him from every angle but as she bent down to pick up some washing he was gone.

At first she didn't worry too much, thought he may have wandered into a neighbors garden and seeing that it was a cul de sac where they lived she didn't over concern herself with cars up and down the road.

As minutes ticked by you can actually feel her panic. Your heart races right along with hers.

There is a lot I can tell you about this read but I won't. I don't think its fair to give spoilers.

But if you knew who did it, who killed your son, if you knew he was imprisoned them due for release for good behaviour and served his sentence, how would you feel?

We go through every emotion.

I understood the attraction between the DI and herself. I'm just a bit confused if it was appropriate withing the confines of this storyline. I'm sort of on the fence with that one. I understood it though. I was wondering if the author wanted to show another side to Lucy. But then again, seeing as another murder took place and the same DI was on the case it opened up a lot of raw emotions yet again.

I would recommend this book, its a great read. You won't be able to leave it alone. I had to read this in one sitting.

I received this book from Carina UK via Net galley to read and review and give an honest review

Every parent’s worst nightmare… 

Eight years ago, Lucy and Ethan Randall’s little boy, Jack, was abducted and murdered by teenager Terry Prince. A moment’s distraction had ripped a family apart – and with the loss of their son came the collapse of the Randalls’ marriage. Tortured by memories, Lucy was left to battle her grief while raising her remaining son alone.

Now, Jack’s killer has walked free, giving him the second chance at life that little Jack never had. Lucy’s wounds newly opened, her world is turned upside down a second time when another child goes missing – and she can’t shake the suspicion that Prince has struck again. 

When DI Matt Winston, the same officer who found Jack’s body, is assigned to the case, the echoes of Lucy’s past grow ever more insistent. Bound by their tragic shared experiences, Matt and Lucy grow closer – and become fixated on bringing the culprit to justice. But now history has repeated itself, answers seem even further out of reach. And for Lucy, it’s time to face her ghosts, and ask the most terrible question of all: can she ever really forgive herself?

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