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Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Mirrors Within by Stephanie Molina

The Mirrors WithinThe Mirrors Within by Stephanie Molina
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read and reviewed this lovely written indepth book straight from the author.

I really have to say how Stephanie Molina got inside the girls head. Her feelings, her emotions, her thoughts.
Selma is a girl that cuts. She's left with scars, big scars not only inside but outside. If anyone knows about this self harm they will know that you need to work on the 'inside' of a person before working on the outside as that will follow.

Selma is institutionalized. Her brothers are older than her and are protective of their little sister. They know deep inside the place she is in will help her but they also know its hard to leave her there. Again, if anyone has been through similar problems with a relative having a mental/emotional/psychiatric illness they will know how hard it is to leave someone in a hospital such as this. You know its for the persons own good and welfare but your own emotions you feel like you have failed your loved one.

The therapy that her Doctor uses is a mirror for her to look into. You see him ask "What do you see?" and at each stage Selma tells him what she sees. You also notice how this changes as she learns to become stronger. And cope.

I loved how the book went from past to present. It wasn't hard to read at all. It all tied in like a good jigsaw puzzle without any missing pieces towards the end.

The paragraph towards the end:
The Mirrors have the ability to show me how far I've come and teach me how to keep getting stronger every day. loved it.

Also towards the end of this book when a conversation was taking place with her Best Friend B, this brought tears to my eyes. Yes I'm quite a softie!
B had been with her through thick and thin. OK her lifestyle isn't what Selma would choose, she's also very loud and 'out there' but she is a character you would love to have in your own life. Solid, listener, and she's there for you. She has Selma's back at all times.

The start of the book at the beginning was a slow burner. But I stuck with it and how glad I am.

There were several men friends in Selma's life that proved to be great friends to her. I loved Hunter!

Colin! Well, what a twist! Is all I am going to say about that. But yet again Hunter and B's reasoning on the 'problem' was really well thought out, their reply really did make me think twice too about Selma's decision.

I thought the author has a great ability to think things through, but options that you or I wouldn't have thought of or seen coming.

Now, the only irritation and downside I had which kept me well frustrated was the use for CAPITALS when someone's dialogue caused them to yell or to shout.

Let me give an example:

This happened a lot throughout the book that I found annoying. Just typing the action would bring the emphasis home to the reader I thought not USING CAPITALS FOR SHOUTING.

The drawn out wording was annoying as well....

Quote: "I would have done garlic bbbbbuuuutttt" unquote

Just writing "I would have done garlic but......." She hesitates.

I know this is minor pickups from me and my own Personal Opinion, and this is not flaw on the actual story as I loved it.

My mean bit was about Sean. What a nasty pasty he was. I didn't see that coming and returning.

I loved how Selma learnt to cope with life, the ups, downs and all the mess we sometimes get ourselves into.

This was almost a 5 star rating from me but for the annoying bits. Minor, but annoying.

Don't let it put you off of reading this book though as the author has done a beautiful story, really does keep you on your toes and thinking.

I would like to thank Stephanie Molina for allowing me to read and review her book and hope and trust she would allow me to read further books from her so that I can see her grow in her remarkable talent. 

5 years ago Selma was institutionalized for a suicide attempt. Since then she's been struggling to keep her emotions at bay and live her life as uncomplicated as she can. That is until Colin moves in and changes her life completely. 

Colin is a bartender by night and a mental health counselor by day. Colin has a secret that could hurt Selma more than the events that caused her to be institutionalized in the first place

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