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Friday, 12 September 2014

Surrender by Donna Malane

SurrenderSurrender by Donna Malane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Surrender by Donna Malane

Re Released September


I received this book as an advanced copy from Angry Robot Books via Net Galley. I was thrilled to be granted permission to read and review it as the blurb really enticed me. I love a good thriller and plotted book.

The plot was good, it had good twists and turns in its pages. We have situations and circumstances that open up along the way, enough to keep me interested.

Diane was married to a Policeman. They still are on speaking terms as they have to get along for several reasons, one of them their work. Diane is a missing persons expert and the Police use her skills and talent often.

However, when her sister is brutally killed she gets quite frustrated at the way the Police are handling the case and one of the officers on her sisters case is her ex.

I cannot tell you all of the plot, just to say she discovers more about her sister than any sister should know.

Because of her wanting to get involved and interfering she is taken off work from the Police force for a while. When she is calmer and agrees to "behave" and let the Police do the work she is then handed a case of her own. This then gets very interesting.....

I would have loved the author to have kept the constant humor out of each page. For MY PERSONAL LIKING I thought as a thriller, a serious matter the way Diane spoke, thought, comments at times went way past just being comical it became annoying. I so wanted her to be more serious when it came to serious matters.

Keep Diane's sense of humor for her ex husband not the main part of the story.


100% LOVED it.

Comical humor to make things light use 20% I felt it went OTT at times.

This still won't stop me reading more of this authors books as she's good. But I felt it was too much like Murder she wrote on TV a simple mystery.

"A detective as tough as the country she comes from..." 

Missing persons expert Diane Rowe is used to making sense of other people's lives. It's just a pity she's not having much luck with her own.

The brutal murder of her little sister, Niki, and the break-up of her marriage have tested her usual tough optimism. When Niki's killer turns up dead, Diane is determined to nail the truth, despite the best efforts of her policeman ex-husband to sideline her.

But uncovering Niki's seedy past reveals truths and dangers she never expected, or wanted, to face. Diane is determined to make sense of it all - whatever it takes

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