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Friday, 22 August 2014

Whatever It Takes by L. Maretta

Whatever It TakesWhatever It Takes by L. Maretta
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Whatever it takes by L Maretta

I have had to give this 3 stars. Let me explain why.

The concept of this story is good, in the sense that its real, it happens to people and we know this to be true, but we also know it to be true that infidelity doesn't just 'go away' it takes a long time to heal, if it ever does, and rebuild on solid ground.

Another reason is because, it comes across that he is a hero for telling his wife he cheated on her! Um, now let me see......his ex cheated on he's just cheated on his wife???

If the emotional trauma that is created was more intense and not looked upon as something that just 'happened' and that's fine.....sorry darling, we can move on now......then it would have been a much more acceptable story.

Yes I know its fiction.
Yes I know.

But it has to be believable too right?

The rest of the story was fine for me, I enjoyed it, it was just those 2 niggling things which.......amount to a HUGE big lump in the story that needed to be dealt with more. Sex with someone else is NOT excusable, it hurts many people and cannot be washed away overnight.

I just feel that more time would have been needed.

I was giving this book to read and review 'honestly' in MHO which I have done so. With no attack personally on the author, just my ideas and perception.

Gavin Fitzgerald is the perfect husband. His wife, Emma, was always able to brag to her friends about how caring, loving, helpful, and successful he was. Having been married five years, they have just put the finishing touches on their dream home and are ready to start a family. Everything seems ideal until one day Gavin confesses to Emma that he was unfaithful, turning their entire relationship from perfect to a total disaster. 

Suddenly Emma's carefully controlled world is chaotic and her future uncertain as she struggles to determine if she is able to forgive Gavin or have the strength to move on

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