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Monday, 25 August 2014

The Secrets Sisters Keep by Sinéad Moriarty

The Secrets Sisters KeepThe Secrets Sisters Keep by Sinéad Moriarty
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this lovely book from Penguin Books (UK) via Net galley to read and review.

I have to say, this is what I myself term a 'chatty read' a lovely lot of dialogue, plenty of things going on, the author is ever so good at narration, you simply envision the person putting the cup on the side, or wiping down the table. Its not over done, its just 'slipped' in and registers in your brain without you realizing you are acting the scenes out in your head. Very clever.

We have Julie.
Julie has a husband Harry, her four children of which three are triplets boys.
What would you do if you inherited some money? You would move up market right? and put your children in a "good" private school.

Not everything is in your control though, Julie finds being 'in the money' brings its own problems and adversities. Snob, pompous Mummies. Hair not out of place, make up perfecto, and nails done. No one pops to take their children to school in the morning dressed in jogging pants and a T-shirt! Without trying, Julie just doesn't fit in and keeps her friendship of old handy to chat to and moan.

Harry is always worried about money, no, not lack of it, but investing it, doing the right things for the future........working and then off to play golf leaving Julie with a lot of time on her hands.

So Julie eventually joins up for some classes. I had so much fun reading this book. I am a middle aged woman, and she really is funny without trying.

Even getting involved in her exercise classes and yoga had me in fits of laughter.

My favorite scene in when Julie returns home to see Gloria, her cleaning lady laid out on the sofa, she has pulled her back! Julie makes HER a cup of tea "Oh and darling can I have a biscuit or two with that" LOVED IT.
She puts up with Gloria as she's always been good with the boys.

Laura, Sophie. Her two sisters.

Laura and Sophie are as different as chalk and cheese.

One is now on her own as her husband left her for a younger model

The other has no need of a relationship, just sex and fun.

There is so much entertainment in this read, its a story all of its own and will captivate you, pull you into the family and make you feel a part of it. I know I did.

Sometimes we feel we can go alone, but it turns out....we can't.

The secrets sisters keep. What's your secret?

The Devlin sisters rely on each other - but some things are just too painful to share, even when your sisters are your best friends ...

Mum-of-four Julie thought that if her family had more money, life would be easier. But now that they've inherited a fortune, her problems are only starting.

Lawyer Louise is used to having life go exactly as she wants it to. So accepting that she cannot control everything in her world is beyond her.

And former model Sophie can just about cope with getting older - that's until her ex-husband finds a younger model.

All three women think that some battles are best fought alone. Maybe they need to think again ..

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