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Friday, 15 August 2014

Life InterruptedLife Interrupted by Kristen Kehoe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I offered to read and review this book for a blog tour.

This was surprisingly good. I never know what to expect with a new author that I've not come across before. I get butterflies hoping I'm going to like it. Well, I can honestly say, I DID like it.

Its what I would term a YA type book [unless I'm getting old!]

We have a young girl named Rachel. Her Mother teaches 'things' that involve sex, so she's quite a modern Mom, which is good because one terrible night she has sex with a lad who she doesn't even like and it results in a pregnancy. Her Mother was very supportive. Rachel was only very young.

Tripp a boy she grew up with, and somewhere along the line also fell in love with. You know what its like, how can you tell them without spoiling the friendship if the other person doesn't feel the same? Plus, by now, Tripp has a girlfriend, so he obviously doesn't feel the same right? But one night of passion ensues, this mixes a lot of things up for Rachel as Tripp just ups and goes the next day, never for it to be mentioned again.

He's very supportive of Rachel though, including her little daughter Gracie when she was born and as she grew.

The conversations between Rachel and Tripp were heated at times, sad at times, and later on, very moving, emotional which made me warm to Tripp more.

I thought Rachel was stubborn, but as things unraveled about her thoughts and why she felt a certain way I could piece things together more. I understood her behaviour and her reasons for doing something/or not doing.

The Father of her child was a nasty threatening piece of work, later his Mother gets involved in trying to access the child.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the ending. I cried at what Tripp wrote.

Very moving story.

Rachel Reynolds is the daughter of a scientist and a poet, so her beliefs on Creation and Karma and all those other mythical things are varied. But when one passionate night with Tripp, the boy she’s loved her entire, life leads to heartache and a poorly chosen moment with another boy, whom she barely knows let alone loves, which then leads to a baby, she’s pretty sure Karma or no, the universe is a real biatch. 

Now, Rachel is getting ready to graduate from high school, and while balancing college applications, mommyhood, and the greater question of where this is all leading her in the future, Rachel also makes the discovery that she isn’t over her first love…and he isn’t over her. But the timing, oh the timing. As Rachel tries to navigate through the possibilities of a relationship with Tripp, a nightmare from two years ago reappears in her life and threatens the already shaky balance she’s worked long and hard for, causing Rachel to wonder if one night from her past will forever control her future. 

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