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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Layers of the Past by AlTonya Washington

Layers of the PastLayers of the Past by AlTonya Washington
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, this surely was a page turning WOW.

I had to DEVOUR this book, I tasted my way through it. It certainly wasn't what I was expecting, it was MORE.

The hard man about town, the classy sexy woman. The apple of his eye.

The fantasy sex in here is WOW breath taking.

Its a book I would certainly recommend, just hide it from your sons!!!

Huron Base has a name synonymous with power and intimidation. He’s made no apologies for doing what’s been necessary to survive a life rooted in poverty and pain. Endeavors drenched in blood and marked with bone have become his trademark in spite of his desire to be more-to be better. When he meets troubleshooter, Kamari Grade that desire receives the spark it’s been waiting on. It’s the spark that motivates Huron to once again strive to rise above his circumstances and at last become the better man he wants to be.

Change however, has its consequences...and its dangers. Many of Huron’s associates aren’t so supportive of his new found...desires. They are especially wary of his new found love. Kamari is a recognizable force in her field-one that keeps her too enmeshed in the circles of law enforcement that Huron’s associates strive to avoid. Huron knows that Kam doesn’t care who he was, only who he is- the man she loves. Still, he won’t allow that to blind him to what has to be done-the steps that must be taken to keep the woman he loves from becoming a casualty in a war between new enemies.

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