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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Deadly Bonds by L.J. Sellers

Deadly Bonds (A Detective Jackson Mystery)Deadly Bonds by L.J. Sellers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh I think I've just discovered another great author who I've missed out on! Oh why didn't someone tell me about her before.

As you can tell this is the first book by L J Sellers I have read thanks to Amazon Publishing via Net Galley.
I was first attracted by the cover. I don't why, but covers with children or tragedies always seem to attract me. Does that make me warped [answers on a postcard!] I'm a sucker for a good mystery with a good plot so I settled down today to read this one.

L J Sellers is an award winning Journalist and two time reader's favorite Award winner. She's a fan of Police procedures.
Well, that really does come across in this book, she has done extensive research flawlessly. She made me feel like I was part of the Crime team.

Detective Jackson I see stars in some of her other books [I need to read these]. To me he comes across as a great detective and knows his 'stuff'. Very dedicated. I'm not sure what happened in his past personal life but looks like he has experienced some tragedies himself. [That's why I need to read these other books prior to this one] It is a stand a lone book, but to get the rounded picture I want to go back a bit on them.

I'm not giving away the plot if I say he ends up looking after a little boy from a crime scene where his Mother got murdered. I could so understand him becoming close to this quite little cherub.

His partner Evans being assigned to one case and Detective Jackson to another Evans thinks at the time she drawn the short straw.

There was far more events, plotting and turns in this read than I expected. I was glued to the book until I finished it. Sat at my Kitchen table waiting for tea to cook with Kindle still in hand! My Kindle was glued to me all day today.

Thank you to Amazon Publishing for granted me a copy of this to read and review and thanks to the author L J Sellers for a remarkable entertaining read that took me from real life for a few hours to something really gripping that I forgot where I was for a few hours.

I so want to read more of this authors books. Do I recommend it? hell yes!

When a young mother is found murdered in a derelict Eugene neighborhood—and her terrified young son is discovered hiding beneath the floorboards—Detective Jackson reluctantly takes the case. His own life is already in chaos, with his runaway teenage daughter, Katie, still gone and his girlfriend, Kera, facing her own family crisis. Matters get more complicated when the orphaned boy bonds with Jackson, triggering unexpected emotions and compromising his ability to investigate. Meanwhile, Detective Evans, one of Jackson’s most valuable colleagues, is pulled off the case to look into the death of a University of Oregon football star—leaving the homicide task force shorthanded. As Jackson works to solve the murder and find a home for little Benjie, he soon faces devastating choices that threaten everything he holds dear.

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