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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell

The Third WifeThe Third Wife by Lisa Jewell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First of all, I'd like to thank Random House UK, Cornerstone for allowing me to read and review this book via Net Galley. I love this author.

I never know what to expect from Lisa Jewell. The only thing I can be 100% sure on is that she delivers a good awesome read, this one was without exception.

I've purposely not looked at other reviewers reviews so as not to influence what I am about to write.

We have Maya, she is the third wife of Adrian. Adrain is a 'nice' man, he's a good Father, [so it seems] and leaving his first wife, well, these things happen, then the second wife, well......takes two [so I though].

We get deeper into the mind of Adrian as time goes on, but more so too, how all the family seem to get on together even the ex wives. Unusual, maybe, maybe not.

Then I thought of the children hes had with each wife, all except the last one. Maya hasn't had a child yet.

The concept of this book is hugely though provoking. There is one wonderful thing that stands out to me that was so expertly done. The way things unfolded? yes. But....right at the beginning we see how Maya just walked out under a bus. The consequences of this action, purpose? suicide? I don't know. What you need to do is read this and get into the mind of Maya, the unique point of this book, we go back to where Maya was alive, we get insight of what she was thinking, what was happening in her life.

There is a complete turn that comes up in this book that keeps you guessing almost to the end.

I texted my book mate to tell her, she MUST read this book.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone and challenge you not to like it.

In the early hours of an April morning, Maya stumbles into the path of an oncoming bus.

A tragic accident? Or suicide?

Her grief-stricken husband, Adrian, is determined to find out.

Maya had a job she enjoyed; she had friends. They'd been in love.

She even got on with his two previous wives and their children. In fact, they'd all been one big happy family.

But before long Adrian starts to identify the dark cracks in his perfect life.
Because everyone has secrets.
And secrets have consequences.
Some of which can be devastating.


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