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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Sordid Promise by Courtney Lane

The Sordid Promise (A Sordid Love, #1)The Sordid Promise by Courtney Lane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read the warning, then I agreed to read and write a review for The Sordid Promise by Courtney Lane whilst helping out on a blog tour.

WOW, where do I start with this. First of all, I love a good thriller, a psychological one is the best. And like the warning says, the sex is only secondary to this story. It plays a huge part, as its part of a control, but its not the be all and end all of the book, there is a huge amount to this.

I got so moody when I got interrupted whilst reading this, as its one of those books you just need to stay with, it rocks your world, it grips your, it takes over your thinking.

So many times I was screaming at Nikki to just get her act together. She didn't need him. But he became her medication, he became her fix, he became her drug.

Eric, well, one minute I was thinking that Eric had been set up, and Nikki was having trouble staying focused due to her coming off her meds. I was all over the place.

Bloody hell, when I got to the last couple of chapters I was WOW, what! what!. This is one of the most awesome books I have read that has taken my attention in such a way for quite a while. I stayed up late to keep reading it, even though my eyes were stinging the next day.

I am so glad that I sometimes agree to read a book on a blog tour or I would have sadly missed out.

***Warning: Contains graphic language, frequent graphic sex, violence, and very dark themes.

***First and foremost, The Sordid Promise is a psychological thriller. The erotic elements are secondary. It is not a simple, happy story. This is a twisted, complicated, and broken story.
Please, please read the PREFACE before purchasing.

When physical pain allows you to escape your reality; what do you do when the pain is no longer strong enough to quiet the emotional ache?

Diouana "Nikki" returned to her hometown six months ago to tend to her sick mother. She thought she'd left her "baggage" behind her on the opposite coast, only to find that it never left her side. As her self-destructive thoughts begin to consume her, her mother -- realizing Nikki's torment -- pushes Nikki to complete her last wishes.

Eric Brenton, Nikki's new neighbor, lives in a dark, chaotic world that is easily hidden behind his model good looks and cocky demeanor. Unapologetic about his dirtier intentions, he sets his sights on Nikki with an offer to help her. But his help comes with very unorthodox conditions and a huge price.

And Eric...comes with an extensive black box warning label

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  1. Thank you so much for participating in the blog tour! Please tell Philomena I said hello :)