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Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Flip by Michael Phillip Cash

The FlipThe Flip by Michael Phillip Cash
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I agreed to read this for a blog tour book promotion, I didn't realise it had elements of paranormal in it. I must remember to do my research better.

However, I started to read this and it grabbed my attention.

Whatever was a house Flip? I can't say in the UK I've heard that term mentioned, or come across. Maybe it does exist but I didn't know about it. So, at 55yrs old I've learnt something new!

Flipping over a house, doing it up to later sale. That was the plan for this couple, but, other ideas came his wife's way that he didn't exactly agree with.

Then I learnt where the paranormal came into play, it was the voices of residents past.

For me it was an unusual story as I was out of my comfort zone in my reading material, but boy! am I glad I made a mistake, I actually enjoyed this book!

Julie and Brad Evans are house flippers. They buy low, clean out the old occupants' junk, and try to make a profit. Enter Hemmings House on Bedlam Street in scenic Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. Too good a deal to pass up, but with an ominous secret. The old Victorian Mansion has dwellers that do not want to be dispossessed. As the house reveals it's past, will the couple's marriage survive The Flip?

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