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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Breathing on Her Own by Rebecca Waters

Breathing on Her OwnBreathing on Her Own by Rebecca Waters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Whose life isn't full of trials and tribulations in one aspect or another? We all experience them, some minor, some bigger and some huge mountains that we never think we can overcome.

Molly and her husband are near to retiring and enjoying they're plentiful life after bringing up a family and working and near to fulfilling their dream. A tragic event happens wherein one of her daughters is involved in a terrible accident one day.

Leading ahead of this, we have Molly, her mom. Although Laney is married with children, she's a Mom, just a Mom who want to do her best to help her injured daughter. Sometimes to the extent of over doing it.

I offered to read and review this book from the publishers Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas who contacted me via email.
I am so glad I got involved with reading for them as this was a superb book. I love Christian type reads [not too heavy] and full of 'real life' because real life has its ups and downs, it takes you to places and emotions you never want to go willingly, then you need to find some inner strength and sometimes a reliance on your faith.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book and looking forward to discovering more new authors coming my way.

Molly Tipton and her husband are looking forward to retirement, but Molly’s life suddenly spirals out of control when her oldest daughter is involved in a terrible accident. An icy road and a sharp turn leave one woman dead, another clinging to life. 

While two families grieve, details emerge that reveal Molly’s daughter was driving under the influence. As she prepares her daughter for the prospect of a vehicular homicide lawsuit, Molly discovers her oldest child is not the only one injured and forced to deal with past mistakes. If it’s true that time heals all wounds, what are we to do with our scars

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