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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wish by Jake Smith

WishWish by Jake Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This had me not only blubbering at the end, but thinking deeply.

This book revolves around baseball, but its because of the passion for the sport that Father and son has for it. His son was in remission from cancer. They were just about beginning to breath, although they never unpacked their 'ready' cases beneath their beds. It might be bad luck. Trouble was, they were going to need those ready suitcases yet again as the cancer had returned.

This is mostly told from a Father's POV and its horrendous in some ways, uplifting in others. You get right inside what is happening to this family. You feel their emotions, their spirit, their pain.

We never know what to say when someone is terminally ill, or has been diagnosed with cancer or even when someone dies. There is no right thing to say, and no wrong way to say it. What does hit home to me is the fact we all use these Clichés, I've had the same ones that are mentioned in this book in regards to my loss over the years. I realise now that they meant it in the nicest possible way, but at the time, you hate it with a vengeance.

I could understand it when James [the Father] broke down, it was almost like his family and friends, well meaning people had been treating him like his son was already dead.

This book will stay with me for a very long time.

The author Jake Smith is new to me, but he is someone I will be following as he writes well, he portrays well, and the story flowed so well that it captured me from page one.

Thank you to Tyndale House Publishers for allowing me to read an advanced copy.

James McConnell's one wish is that his nine-year-old son will finally be healthy enough to play a game of catch. Then he and his wife, Emily, receive news they've dreaded: Aaron's cancer has relapsed.As the family steels themselves for a draining treatment regimen in yet another hospital, Aaron receives the gift of a lifetime--a personal visit from one of his favorite professional baseball players--and the chance to make a bold request, "his wish" to see his dad play in one major league game.A former college standout, James fears he doesn't have the talent it takes, even for one game, and that he'll miss what could be Aaron's precious last weeks. Yet how can he refuse his dying son's wish?Poignant and triumphant, "Wish" is the story of a father's love, a family's perseverance, and the miracles that can happen when you believe in the impossible

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